I cannot believe I missed this kit :/

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I cannot believe I missed this kit :/

Yesterday I was browsing some blogs for freebies and I cam across this kit (http://beetreestudios.com/free-valentines-kit-limited-time/) that includes a cross stitched vintage fabric doily png as one of the elements. I had to get it. I rushed to the website only to find out it is no longer a freebie. Only thing I need from that kit is that cross stitched doily element so I cannot justify buying the kit. I search high and low for a similar item but no avail. Any help?

Hello Ann! I sent you a private message, it should be on your e-mail by now.

About the doilly you want, I have some suggestions:

1) If you browse the store (the link is on the page you posted) you will see that there is a separated element pack. You can buy only the ellies right now (it´s 30% off) or wait for it to be on sale. You can also sign up to the newsletter of that store, since the designers of that store (For a coincidence, I sell there too) always put sales advertisements on the newsletter and you can join that store forum activities to see if you can get a discount coupon (always check in the description of the activities to see if there´s some kind of extra coupon or if it enters to the store rewards system). If you have noticed the kit one month ago, we had a special event with a "grant my wish" topic where designers gave some kits away. I don´t know, however, when we will do it again. You can also, after joining the forum there, send a PM to the designer and see if she can help you get this item - maybe she can put it on sale on the next sales time? Or even give it away for you in exchange for one or two pages made with this kit that you allow her to use in advertisements?

2) You can try finding another doilly that you like. There are some here. If you don´t like any of them, you can open an ISO (in search of) kind of topic on the Digital Scrapbook Discussion subforum (learn more on how to do it here).

3) You can make your own. Get a doily you have at home, put in your scanner with a contrasty paper on top, put a dark towel covering the scanner in a way no light enter on the scanning bed, and scan it at 600 DPI. Then, open it on your photo editing program, and erase all the background, little by little with the poligonal lasso, pen tool, eraser tool or similars. If you use the Magic Wand (or however its called on your software) tool it will probably generate missing pixels in a way the final work won´t be of very good quality - but since you´re only using it for yourself, depending on where you´re planning to use it you can do it this way by your own risk. After extracting you change the resolution to 300 dpi and the size to 50%. Yes, it´s difficult, and time-consuming, specially if you need it to be a high quality thing. That´s why there are so few extracted doillys around, and seldom on freebies! Thanks goodness we have very talented and generous designers here at Pixel Scrapper!

Another (easier) way to do it on your own is to download one of the doillies from this site (there are also some templates here - https://www.pixelscrapper.com/search/designs/doily?f[0]=bundle%3Atemplate ) and modify to meet your needs. There are lots of tutorials on tutorial section who explain how to do it.

I hope it was helpful! Good luck!

Hey Anne Marie! I'm Stephanie aka the designer behind Bee Tree Studios! Lórien gave me a heads up smiley First let me say I'm happy you liked the kit! I tend to post coupons and giveaways ever couple weeks or so on my blog and Facebook page so you can keep an eye out for those! Lórien is also right, you can grab just the elements (they are still on sale through tomorrow). You can always feel free to drop me a line here, at the store or any of the other places I am around the web smiley

smiley Thank you so much Stephanie by answering! It´s always better to see the answer of the actual designer smiley

I must say I am impressed with camaraderie and kindness of the people in this site and in the digital world in general! I am a bit jealous of the skill levels I see around the web - keep it up so we can keep admiring and buying!

I agree Melinda...the people here are so kind, so humble, and so generous....it is such a grace in this day and time.