I think I'm Hooked!!!!

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I think I'm Hooked!!!!

I just stumbled upon this site and am new to digital scrapbooking!!! This whole idea of sharing and helping each other is amazing!!! Thank you so much and I look forward to all the fun we are going to have together smiley

I know - it's so cool! Glad you're here!

@Larisa: I absolutely love your photo of you and your better half!!! smiley It's so full of emotion!
We would love for you to come over and introduce yourself here in this thread so when can learn a little more about you & why you scrap or craft. Thanks for joining in and we're so glad you're already hooked. smiley

I have been hooked for a while. I love being able to put together designs before applying to paper. Or just printing everything. Cuts time and expense down.

Talk about hooked smiley
It was 11:45pm and I was making strawberry syrup and realised I hadn't used up my DC's for the day. I rushed to the computer only to find that son had turned it off. Quick, restart, Noooo computer had to open in safe mode smiley
Finally, rush to use my DC's. 11:59pm smiley
Yes, I'm hooked smiley


I know how you feel, although I haven´t spent my DCs of the last days...

I couldn't agree with you more. I love looking at all the different layouts and techniques people are using, and it has definitely helped me think more out of the box!

Welcome to the fun. I agree, your picture is great!

I too have been enjoying the fun

oh Liz, that is so funny! i was at the beach for the weekend (no internet), and i was thinking, oh no, i won't get to use my DCs!

What time zone are you in that it resets at midnight? Mine resets at about 8pm, which isn't always convenient. lol I'm changing to your time zone!

I had the same thought when I read that Phillipa -- mine varies too, between 6-8pm here... I'm on the East Coast-US smiley

Ha...you guys are all so great!!! Thanks for the compliments on my profile pic:)

I can tell this is becoming an obsession. This past week I've looked forward to every night at around 9pm when my DC points reset.

The layouts people share are amazing. I look at those for ideas and then use my DC points!!! It's great!!!

I'm going to start transitioning from physical scrapbooking to digital.

So I have a question, if anyone can help me. Where do you go to print your digital scrapbook page? Do you make a album or a photo book online? Or print it and then put it in your own scrapbook album.

@Larisa, I have used Mixbook, and I was happy with the results. I am not wild about some of the issues regarding uploading pictures because the full page dimensions aren't quite perfectly 12x12. If you decide to use them, let me know and I can give you the dimensions I've found that work better.

One thing that is neat about Mixbook is that they have a lot of already pre-loaded elements; you could use their program to get started & get comfortable first then transition to Photoshop Elements or the like. Or you can even upload your own elements/PNGs, so you could even just upload what you collect from PixelScrapper or other designers (it doesn't upload into the main gallery, so no sharing issues).

It's pretty decently priced compared to many other similar websites, and they often have discounts. With Mixbook I can't make an individual page, I just make whole albums and then have it printed when I'm done and they have a sale going. smiley

Thanks Phillippa, I'm excited to check out Mixbook, I've never heard of them before. Do you like Mixbook over shutterfly and those other printing companies?

It's definitely addictive!!! Welcome!!!

I'm glad to be in a community that is as hooked as me! I guess we can function as a support group too.

There has been some discussion here about printing books you might want to check out.

I can't remember why I originally chose Mixbook over Shutterfly. It might have been because long ago I signed up for a Scrapblog account, and they were eventually overtaken by Mixbook. And they also had groupons at the beginning of the year. Mixbook & Shutterfly are about equal though, I think. This website puts a lot of the different companies side by side so you can at least see the services they offer & compare based on what you'll need!

I am definitely hooked and now that I am retired I have lots of time to devote...still learning though!

I'm hooked too... I have a folder in my favorites list that is all the sites I want to go to daily for daily downloads and I finally put pixel scrapper on the list after a couple of days where I forgot to come use my DC until the DC had already reset... I'm on the east coast too but mine seem to reset pretty consistently around 9 pm.... anyhow now that the site is on my list I haven't forgotten but once... and that was a crazy day when I forgot a bunch of unrelated things... see it's just after nine and my DC have reset while i was typing...

and to Larisa I just posted in the thread Marisa linked to about my experiences with Shutterfly if you want to read a pleased customer accounting of my business with them.

I agree Larisa! I've been digi scrapping for a while but stumbled upon this site through pinterest. So in love!