I want to be a graphic designer but....

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I want to be a graphic designer but....

I cant spare the time to commute to classes. Besides there are lots of online, and free, resources. My problem is discipline. Is there a sort of mentor thing who wouldnt have to do much except point me to the right readings and assignments? Just someone I can answer to but wouldnt take up much of their time?

Have you ever tried Lynda.com? It isn't free, but it seems to be very in depth, and at a pace you might like. smiley

@Marlene Power Hey thanks! I'll give it a shot. smiley

I was going to suggest Lynda.com too.

@Kiana Hahaha, awesome! smiley Thanks!

Good luck A.D! I'm going to be starting a degree program in the fall for web/graphic design so that'll be interesting! Lynda.com looks really cool so I think I'm going to check it out so thanks for recommending it ladies! smiley

@Sharilynn Good luck to you too! Im envious!
Wow, fall seems so far away...