I wrote a tutorial!

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I wrote a tutorial!

I wrote a tutorial on my blog! I have to say it is a pain to make a tutorial while working on something - it is hard to remember to take pictures. To those of you that write tutorials you are amazing.


Congrats and they're so cute!

Good for you, they are really pretty smiley I'm also working on some tutorials for the future, once I get enough I will share them with everyone smiley

Congratz Kaleena - I also think that making tutorials is hard.

You did a cute tute! (see what I did there smiley ?!)

@Tiffany, lol

Those ornaments are adorable Kaleena, thanks for sharing!

Kaleena its a very nice and easy to follow tut, for a first timer I think you did great! and yup I just wrote my first tut and you r right its hard taking pics and doing the project at the same time!
But you did great smiley

Thanke, Everyone. I am glad you like it - and I am even happier that it makes sense to more than just me haha.

What is your tut for, Annu?