Instagram, anyone?

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Instagram, anyone?

I just got a smartphone last week and am in the process of figuring out Instagram....anyone here have tips or recommendations of who/what to follow?

You can follow me: smiley

I've been instragraming for a few months now. I love it! I don't think I have any tips, but I'd love to hear some if anyone else does.

I don't even know what an Instagram is so I'll be watching for comments

I am the same way Cathy, Have no idea what it is.... I am so slow when it comes to these cell phone... LOL

I recently changed cels and it took me a week of calling people back cause I didn't know how to answer it. My daughter still laughs every time I get a call when I'm with her .

I just recently discovered that you can move the center of focus and adjust how big it is when you use selective focus in your filtering. Now I actually use that feature!

Mine is I'm totally lovin' it!

hmm, tips, well, if you want to find people to follow (aside from friends and family), use hashtags to find what you're interested in.
for example, if you would like pictures about scrapbooking, use the explore button and search for #scrapbooking. then, when you post a scrapbooking picture, make a comment with a hashtag #scrapbooking so that other people with similar interests can find you.

my instagram account is mostly about my travels:

I think Instagram is awesome for those of us who don't want to read all of peoples gym visits, or complaints about work, or general ramblings!! it is ONLY photos, and you can add a quick caption or you can add a comment on a photo but it isnt overwhelming like Facebook. I recommend this to people to take a lot of pics, quick and easy to use and fun to share smiley