Is anyone on Scrap Stacks?

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Is anyone on Scrap Stacks?

I just joined ScrapStacks and I was wondering if anyone here has an account there. If you don't know what scrap stacks is, it isa website like pintrest but just for scrapbooking and you get scrap it button and you scrap your own designs into boards (you can directly upload your pages to your account, they don't have to be on a website) - so it can be like your own online gallery, you can also scrap your own products and if you like something from other scrappers you can like it or rescrap it to your own board.

I hope you will join me in there or share your profile with us!

Here is my Scrap Stacks link

See you there smiley

I am so new to scrapbooking so thanks for letting me know about this!

We had this same conversation about a year ago when ScrapStacks was fairly new. You may find a lot of members on the post here. I'm going to lock this one and bump the other one to the top for you ladies. smiley
Please remember to post your links to yours in that post so people will know to add y'all too. smiley

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