Is Google Male or Female???

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Is Google Male or Female???

Hubby sent this pin to me today! Thought you guys would get a kick out of it if you hadn't already seen it. -- enjoy! smiley

That picture is kinda weird, lol... But the joke is very funny, I have been known to try and guess the end of my husbands sentences, lol... I'm working on that. smiley

The picture is definitely a little weird but still funny. And the joke definitely made my fiance and I laugh. smiley

@Shawna:this made me laugh, and i agree with the two on top the picture looks weird but still funny!! smiley

Lol..I have seen this image before, and I guess is saying the truth ^_^

that in itself is too funny... i thought the exact same thing when i saw the photo. LoL
at least we all know we're not the weird ones... it's whoever made the picture to go with the saying. ha ha

LMAO! It made me laugh

It made me smile. I guess right now I'm a one person tough audience. A lot of stuff going on in my neck of the woods. ICK! I could use several good laughs today. Thanks for sharing Shawna! smiley

just had to add to this post... I saw this today on the internet while reading about this image I shared. hee, hee:

"That must mean Bing is a man, always trying to convince people it's superior and does a horrible job pleasing its users."
- the Community of Tumblr

LOL at OP, and the Bing comment! smiley

Sure made me laught. Otherwise I´m sure that computers and other Machines are men!