Just a Shout Out to PS....

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Just a Shout Out to PS....

I'm so excited because I can finally get to digital scrapbooking my favorite moments and experimenting with photoshop. When I had some other photo software there were times when I couldn't get the templates to work right or my options were limited. Now, I'm enjoying all of the possibilities PS offers through assets and templates all the designers share with this great community. smiley Oh and the tutorials have been incredibly helpful.

I should probably go and attempt to write the paper(s) I still need to write for my summer semester but I can't help it PS is just a pleasant distraction and scrapbooking has become quite the stress-reliever but than again arts and crafts in general is a huge help. This thread reads like a blog entry instead of a "Shout Out and Thank you!!!" Oh well!

Thanks PS for your friendliness, creativity, tutorials and sharing your designs! smiley

YAY!! Your excitement makes me excited!! smiley

Congrats on getting Photoshop, I love it too!! Its really awesome for digi scrappin, the options are endless... AND you can edit your photos to use on your pages if you'd like to.

I'm a huge fan of Pixel Scrapper too... I stumbled on it almost a year ago now when I first discovered digi and I don't plan on goin anywhere! smiley

Thanks Mollie and Catherine! smiley

Aja: It's so great to hear how much you love PS! I read your bio again today and took a peek through your gallery. You should share some of your art journaling or share your blog or FB page. I'd love to see that. I'm getting into the art journaling now myself lately, buying the old books and using the gesso and paints, eclectic embellies, etc. smiley I want to figure out how to totally make it work digitally too but I'm having a blast getting my hands dirty. smiley

Have fun...just play and play. I use PSP but have PS Elements also...I tell you what, I can just play and play..and the time just flies by, lol.