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Just checking in....

I am just dropping a short note to let y'all know I am around. I was touched that a few of you noticed when I was absent before. I tend to go through ups and downs energy wise and sometimes I just spend the day reading- no internet- but I need to be aware that if there are too many days like that in a row, people might miss me and worry.

Today was very rough. I woke up to a cat fight between 2 of my cats that are usually very closely bonded. Vet says the attacking cat is okay and gave me some spray to calm her down. Which worked. At the vet's office. Now at home, they have to be separated again... not sure what is happening and the poor third cat has gone into hiding.

I work the next two days so hopefully no one is seriously injured while I am not home. You're probably not going to see for a few days....

Sorry to hear about your cats. Hopefully they will remember that they are friends soon!

smiley Its really worrying when they start to fight by no-reason. Yesterday I had a serious fight here too. It was among the two sisters, Una and Éowyn, who are the most aggresive ones, but are usually in a great relationship with each other. Thanks for sending news, and I hope the situation come back to normal soon.

I dont have cats but my neighbor did and those things were always fighting.

The only time our 2 cats have fought is when we've given them a bath... Every time we've done this, the same thing happens... Only thing I can think of is that maybe their "scent" was lost, so they didn't recognize their sibling? But after a few days (maybe after the bath smell wore off?) the fighting would stop & they would be inseparable again...

One of our cats always freaks out when the dog gets a bath. The two usually get along well, except when the dog is smelling good. Although, since the rest of us like the good smelling dog, the cat is overruled.

Yup Lizanne, that happens! When Ronny was younger and he still needed to be bathed, I used to bring him to the pet shop I was working at, so I could stay all day with him, and give him a shower myself. He was usually rejected by the others on that time for being newbie, but when he took shower was even worse. My husband even forbade me to shower him :p He said I could bring him to the pet shop with me, but no water on the cat.

The explanation is exactly this one: When animals get along in the same house, they have a group smell, which is taken out when we give them a shower. So, even if the others recongize the animal, they feel unhappy about it didn´t having the "belonging" scent. Dogs don´t usually care that much, but cats do. At the pet shop we never used parfum in a cat who lives with other cats, unless all are taking shower. In this case, all the cats needed to have the same parfum. Also, there´s a specific area where you can use it on cats.

Good to know!

hi im here lol. smiley

Okay, I am back. Cats finally calmed down. Apparently Thursday was the most powerful full moon of the year with a lunar eclipse too so wow what a week! My third cat is keeping to himself which is sad because he is a terrific cuddler!

@Molly: Makes sense... My cats were altered too, but seemed to be back to normal since Saturday... It´s good to see you back. I was scared that somehting happened to the cats...

Awe. Poor kitties. its amazing how much they become part of our life.