just layouts??

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just layouts??

Is there a forum for just posting your layouts.
I was in a group that had that & it was a great idea.
I know there's the Gallery but how do you get to post there.

Hi Cathy! There is a great thread here that talks about how to get gallery access. It is really simple.

You must:

  1. Have 25 or more community points (Learn more about community points)
  2. Reply to the Introduce Youself thread
  3. Read and comply with the Profile Expectations

If you meet these requirements just use this form to apply and you should receive access within a day.

Thank you for replying Kaleena! I've been slacking on checking on everything the last few days and I appreciate it! smiley

May I have access to upload to the gallery, please and thanks

I Cathy,

Have you requested through this form? (click on the pink words to be redirected to the form) I´m sure Marisa or Jordan will enable you as soon as they can! Only them accept gallery requests, and they do only through this form.

@Cathy: I've given you access to the gallery. You can find more help here.