Kaffe Fassett ... one of the best designers in the world today...

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Kaffe Fassett ... one of the best designers in the world today...

If you haven't heard of Kaffe Fassett then you are in for a treat. I don't know of another on the planet that can put together designs like he can, whether it is knitting, quilting, fabric design, needlepoint, painting, mosaic and now rugs as well ....

I own several of his books and this is where I go when I just need to rest the weary brain smiley

So many fabrics! I want them!

He sounds very talented...

Wow, he seems like a bit of Renaissance man, no?

Yes and he is no youngster ... his designs will carry on after him I think

He's absolutely one of the very best out there. I have at least one of his books - about needlepoint.

I was enraptured when I first saw his knitting video in the 80's and have been a big fan since ... it always amazes me that he is not as well known as he should be in other venues besides knitting and quilting because he works in so many other venues

omg my mother used to knit his clothes waaaay back in the 80's! AMAZNG!

His designs are timeless and his use of color is so inspiring! One of my knitting gurus, for sure!

Wow! What an amazing talent!

Oh, yes! I remember seeing his knitwear designs back in the 80's. I don't knit myself (I crochet) but I was always amazed at the way he was able to combine colour and pattern. It's great to hear that he's still creating.