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I have just moved back to Australia after living in Canada for 7 years.
finding it hard to adjust to the culture i knew so well. Living in Canada you have access to so many crafty things (Micheals and Fabricland)!!
i don't have the same access now. So glad i came across pixelscrapper though as a clean way to create!
Has anyone else moved to another country?
i would love to hear your experience on moving and what you find challenging

I've spent over half my life moving from country to country. Once you move that first time, your life is never the same again. Perspectives change and life becomes a little more gray (rather than black and white). Just be patient with the transition and give yourself time to adjust. It can also be helpful to find people who have lived abroad or traveled extensively. They'll understand things a bit better.

Thanks Marisa smiley
feeling a little more settled each day. I hope my husband finds settling easier than I did!

Welcome back, Sarah! It's nice to see another Aussie face on Pixel Scrapper - I wonder how many of us are here? I'm sure you'll feel more at home each day, now that you're back.

I wish I could go to another country, especially Australia!!! It's on my bucket list. smiley

Hi, I travel a lot to US and I get my scrapbook stuff. I am from Colombia and here we can't find anything. The good thing is that I made myself be more creative and I have made my own stamps and printed paper or use different textures like aluminum foil.

Originally from Canada, I moved to South Africa for a few months, then to Ecuador, and now I've been living in Mexico for 2-1/2 years now. It's not easy. South Africa was easier to get adjusted to than all the rest. I could find most of what I needed. When I got to Ecuador, it was hell. I hated it over there. I couldn't find anything I needed/wanted, except for crochet materials. Maybe it was the city (I lived in Cuenca). Now that I'm in Mexico, it's a little better but I miss a lot of stuff. Cancun isn't the capital of crafting materials. I have to order a lot of stuff from either Mexico City, the US or Canada. The climate is wonderful but I sure heck miss the Canadian winters. I really miss the season changes, that I don't get down here. I'm not big on socializing (introvert here) so it's harder for me to find people like me. The language barriers are the hardest to overcome. My Spanish is improving a little bit, but not enough to really ask around when I'm looking for something. I lot of times, I wish I could go back to Canada but that would mean leaving my husband behind, which is something I'll never do. So, for now, I'm stuck in paradise!

it really does make you think outside the box when you don't have access to everything. I think it also helps to not box in your own creativity!

wow! that's incredible!
what made you guys make the move to MExico? did you holiday there previously?
we went to mexico a couple of years ago and loved it.
the people are so friendly