Long day ahead of me...

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Long day ahead of me...

I went apple picking Saturday evening, and although the crop wasn't that great and I didn't get as many apples as I thought I would (only about 10lbs), its going to be a long day cleaning, peeling & coring the apples. I'm only going to make 2 pies and the rest is going to get canned up as applesauce - healthier for us and we eat it a lot.

I'd love to know what recipe you use for applesauce and how to can it because I've been thinking about doing it myself. I love apples and homemade applesauce and would love to make a ton of it this fall. smiley

I vote more pie smiley
Have fun!
We wanted to go blueberry picking this summer, but it was just waaay to wet so they closed our farm down for the season before we could get out there.
I've got to at least take the kiddos to the Farmer's Market before it closes for winter.

yummmm. hope u made apple pie.....
relax now and scrapbook smiley

Just taking a break from peeling apples.

@ Sharilynn Marie: Its pretty easy to make applesauce, if you're using the actual apple meat and not the peelings and cores. I just cook the apples with a little bit of water (maybe about 1 cup to about 10 cups diced apples - the apples will give off a lot of liquid as they cook) and some cinnamon & nutmeg. I don't add any sugar to my applesauce. Once the apples are cooked they will become kind of mushy, then I take my stick blender and puree it until its smooth - you can leave it a little chunky too - I use a potato masher if I want chunky applesauce. and that's it to making applesauce.

For the actual canning process, I went to the Bernardin website. Here's their instructions on doing apple sauce: http://www.bernardin.ca/pages/recipe_page/51.php?pid=156

It a lot more work if you use the peels & cores, which I did last year and won't be doing again.

Cat I feel for you - I have 3 mature gigantic apple trees in my back garden and they are laden this year. They won't be ready for another month or 2 but I have no idea what I will do with them all. Last year was not a good apple year but the year before we were swamped. Pies and crumbles and apple cake - all the freezers were full and you could not give them away as so many people in the village have apple trees (we used to be an orchard area). I did not try "canning" the puree so I shall definitely do that this year and I know somewhere local offers to press your apples into juice for a small fee so I might try that - let you know in the autumn.

I would love to have an apple tree, but the climate here doesn't grow very big apples and I'm too old now to start growing trees. smiley These apples are in a neighbour's yard. He told me the previous property owners brought the trees over from Italy and grafted them to a Canadian apple tree so they could withstand the Canadian winter. They are so good. They only get to the size of a small McIntosh apple (just the perfect serving size) because of our short growing season. Most of the apple trees here are crab apple (which are really nice canned with lots of ginger & cloves and a touch of mace in a simple syrup smiley ).

I have a crab apple too - but I think it is an ornamental variety rather than an eating one - very pretty though. We also have damsons and pears and a grape vine that is not in sufficient sun to produce anything edible. I've not heard of a McIntosh apple - off to google them!!

Making apple juice is perfect! Good for you and you have that taste of summer although there´s autumn or winter outside. smiley

If you want the applesause to be more of a dessert, add some vanilla flavour and just a touch of cardamom. Store i freezer, heat in microvawe or in a pan and eat warm with vanilla ice-cream. Crumble a McVitie´s Digestive on top