Looking for a particular kit

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Looking for a particular kit

Hi... I am new here. This site was recommended by a friend of mine. She and I play in PSP and make tags. She made one for me and I have been searching for the kit, which she got here. I have the tag on my computer... I have no clue on how to insert it so I can show it to you. Please if someone can advise me on that one. Thank you!

Are you looking for the kit in the image you've included? If so, that's from the Holiday Magic Blog Train.

If the image you want to post is not the one you've already posted, you can host it on a site like Imgur and then link it here.

Thank you Amanda Holyoak! My friend made me this tag, and the Treble Clef stood out for me... I used to study music back when I was young. Yes, I would love to get this kit - if you can tell me how to do so, I would be thrilled. I joined here a couple of days ago, and thanks to one of the staff, they included the image for me. I am lost. I can email you privately... I see a contact email thingie...

Paula, if you go to the post in the thread that Amanda shared HERE You will see that the treble clef is in the kit by Nae Wright. Below her kit preview you can see where to go to her blog and download the kit.

Yes that was my kit.... It is in the Pixel Scrapper Dec. Blog Train.
Holiday Magic PS Blogtrain Freebie.
I am glad you liked it hope you have some fun with it.♥

Merry Christmas smiley

I am a psper as well.... Glad to have you! smiley smiley

Thank you to Amanda, Anne-Marie, and especially to Nae for creating a beautiful kit! This site is wickedly complicated. I have only recently gotten back into the wonderful world of PSP and it is great to be creating again. I must write back to the one from the site who inserted the image of the tag my friend created for me, or I would not have the kit at this point. You all made my day.
However do you insert tags that you make on your own, if they are on your computer? Mine are either JPGs or PNGs.
Have a good night everyone!

Paula, you can upload the image on Imgur. Once it's hosted there, you can link to it in these forums by doing the following:

Click on your image on Imgur and click the "copy" button by the BBCode link (circled in the image I've linked).

Paste that into the reply box here (ctrl-v). Then click "Preview" to check that it looks good. If it does, click "Post reply."

Thanks Amanda. smiley