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Lost Mojo

I don't know if it's the dark or the cold or the post-holiday coma setting in, but I can't seem to find the will to scrap any pages. I took lots of great pictures over the last few months, and bought plenty of great kits during all the great holiday sales, but I don't have the drive to create. Even working on one page a bit at a time, leaving it and coming back to it waaaay later isn't helping.

This is the first real dry spell I've hit since I started digi-scrapping last summer and I don't like it.

Anyone else had this problem before? What to do to overcome it?

I go through this when designing sometimes. I will have a bunch of great ideas, sit down to start creating and then either nothing seems to turn out right or my "creativity" shuts off. And then I get frustrated that i'm not doing anything productive smiley
What I have found helps me is to either browse through Pinterest/Google or other similar sites to get ideas or find something that flips the creativity switch back on, to do something mundane for awhile (I usually organize digi files.. or try to anyway smiley or to follow a tutorial and learn a new technique.
Goodluck.. & don't worry it will come back.. but hopefully not at 3am.

It definitely happened to me about two months ago... case of the blues crimped my scrapping style, lol... sorry, feel goofy. Anyway, I did the same thing... reached out to the digi community to see what there was to do about it. There were lots of good ideas, (I even wrote a blog post about it) but really I just had to wait until inspiration hit again. And it did, in the form of a layout I just had to lift... so don't worry, your mojo will return. smiley

Don´t worry, mojo will return (x2). Take a scrapping break and go back when you feel it. Or, try using templates or scraplifting something.

Lol... glad to read that i'm not the only one!

I am new to digital scrapbooking, but I think this is a common thing. I use to do paper scrapbooking and I haven't been motivated to pull out my supplies in years. I am also a knitter and I go through dry spells with knitting as well. I just let it play itself out and wait for new inspiration.

So I guess what I am saying is don't let it get you down. Give yourself a bit of a break and when you are inspired by a kit or a group of pictures you will be scrapping again.

I think I have it back after finding this site. I'm actually excited to start on a layout inspired by some pictures I took over the holidays. And same with Tina Robbins, I used to do paper scrapbooking and in fact just last week I took all my supplies out of the storage so I could start on the pages I didn't get to finish. Hopefully I'll be able to get to it as well.

I was having a blah spell Nov/Dec...I'm now trying to better coordinate photos with kits, and that has really helped. I am spending a lot less time on downloading/buying kits and trying to use all the ones I have. I am systematically going through my photos and hitting up pinterest for inspiration. This year I started working more in double layouts, so all my Christmas photos have a paired page. Hopefully you will find some inspiration soon to start creating again!

Oh, I'm doing better after this weekend. Sheila's new kit and the Jan blog train really got me scrapping. I'm definitely in a much better place for Marisa's month of challenges. Thanks for the encouraging words everyone!

I'm struggling to get back into things after the holidays. I guess maybe it's just a symptom of post-holiday blues. I just want to sit around and read...

ditto... and drink tea smiley I'm going through a box a week of sleepytime at this point.
I'm loving all the new pages I've gotten done this week, so I guess it is just temporary.
I was feeling pretty frustrated for a while though.

I feel your pain! I'm having this problem with my designing right now. I have deadlines looming and my interest is just... gone. It'll come back... I just have to force my way through it.

I hope your frustration is gone for good!

I am happy to share that I've done 5 layouts over the week. Mojo's back? smiley

Haven't done any layouts for a while, too much else getting in the way. But done two over the last few days.

I´ve just lost my Mojo - so if someone finds it I would be glad to have it back! Before I´ve tried Pinetrest and lifting and most of the times it has worked. But this time it just seems to block med even more...

@Tiffany: well there's your problem... sleepytime smiley try the decaf English Breakfast... LoL heehee

I'm going through a box a week of sleepytime at this point.

For me the problem is around the end or first of year... I get so overwhelmed with ALL the "stuff" that HAS to be done in life... it steals the FUN out of everything sometimes. smiley so crafting at all is sooo like "yuck" ugggghhh smiley

Pinterest is where I find my mojo!!

If you find yourself stuck .... play ..... don't expect to create anything. Whatever software you are using needs to be open and a blank page....take one of your photos or even one online with a lot of colour and make colour swatches...then just brush away using those colours. Soon you will actually be itching to work on something. When you are stuck don't expect anything from yourself. Playing is what kids do each and every day and you never really see them get stuck if they have something to play with.