Loving or Hating the new Pinterest Design?

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Loving or Hating the new Pinterest Design?

Pinterest is previewing a new design. In my sidebar today was the option to check it out, and I was wondering if anyone else had. Anytime a site that I use often makes changes, I like to wait at least a week before declaring my feelings, since as creatures of habit we get really grumpy when things are changed, even if it is for the better....

I'm not sure if having the photos bigger and without a border makes them all mesh together more and be less distinct? Or if my brain will adjust in time. I do like when you pull up a pin to see it big that there's more info on the side and the website is easier to find so you can go to the source.

I like the bigger photos but I did like the border, it seemed more organized that way. I'm kind of ambivalent. smiley It's still Pinteresty, if that makes sense! smiley

I didn't even notice the change. oops. smiley

I haven't really looked at it over the last couple days. I'll let you know what I think when I have more time to spend on it, but I usually resist the change - like you said, creature of habit.

just use pinterest for a week.. and i don't see any new changes in mine...hmmm...

I think it's growing on me. I imagine that by the end of the week I will be a convert.

I, like Scarlett have used mine everyday this week and haven't seen anything different at all. Same old, same old... Maybe just certain people got the new look so far?

@Shawna, i also don't notice anything different. my pinterest still has the borders

I guess just some people are viewing the changes. And I´m very gratefu for not viewing them. A couple of weeks ago they were testing a feature, in which, istead of showing you what of your pins were repinned, it showed to which boards. I hated that, wrote that on feedback page for this feature, and it seems to have had some kind of effect, because the feature disappeared.

I guess I wont like this change, I like Pinterest design, and I´m a bit grumpy for changes most of the time :p

It's alright. I'm not much into change but I think I can live with it. C:

Ok, now my Pinterest has a bug. I´m using google Chrome and it don´t allow me to see what my followed people are posting. I can enter on my own boards but, If I try to check the "timeline" it goes to a page that says "install the Pin It button" and don´t go back to the timeline. Pin it button is installed.

Anyone else having trouble, or heard about it?

Edit: Now it worked, but I had to re-install the pin it button

I'm a daily user of pinterest, but haven't noticed the changes.

There was an option on the left to preview the changes (above the little feed area). They're probably rolling things out slowly to see how people respond.

I like it, seems more streamlined than the last, and I don't think it has changed massively overall.

My first reaction is to hate it but lately I've been trying to embrace the change. I forced myself to use it as soon as they offered and I I grew to like it very quickly.

My pinterest still didn´t change, and I am still resisting bravely to the new windows-9-like Pinterest layout...

I love it! It looks cleaner to me...

I love the new layout! I think it looks more organized and cleaner.

I prefer it smiley