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My Baby

I'd like to introduce my new baby, a white westie, along with myself. I have been a designer for years and have been designing and selling card designs through a company on the net. I also have a Silhouette cutting machine that I like to use. I also enjoy card making and have far too many resources. A few weeks ago I got my new baby, Abby. She is a real sweetie and very loving. She gives me lots of loves and kisses. She is a little terror though with a very sytrong mind of her own. Nothing at puppy height is safe but she is such a little darling. She has lots of toys and chew sticks to try and get her to use her energy on those. Amongst her toys is a stuffed dog that she loves. It was white but I'll have to wash it. She is really beautiful

Congratulations on your new baby and best friend!

your baby is so pretty, congrats!

OMG! She's sooooo cute! I love my little dog so much I kind of wish I could get another one....

She is very cute!!! We got a new fur baby not long ago and its amazing how quickly they become part of the family.

She is really loved and we never want to be without her. She means the world to us and she is a beautiful darling

what a cutie!

What a cute puppy!

very cute

Awww...Abby is just adorable!!! Thank you for sharing your new fur baby with us smiley It's amazing how attached we get to these little cuties smiley