my UK trip finished

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my UK trip finished

Here's a link to my "2013 UK Trip" digital scrapbook. There are over 200 layouts.(not all are that good) but it's done and on a CD for me to save forever. I'm now going to do my sons honeymoon only 300 picture and I won't do all of them, I'm still waiting for the wedding pictures and I have my 2012 trip Italy and Greece to look forward to.

Wow, congratz Cath. I hope you can do all the books you want in 2014... I´m tooo far away of finishing my road trip´s book... I won´t scrap all of the photos ( or not even come near it) but they are around 1,2k of them.

WOW! Cathy, You have some beautiful layouts. Some very creative layouts! Such a great job!


great job Cathy! I can't wait to visit the UK in the future!

What an amazing trip!

Well done! Looks like it was a great trip and I love your layouts.