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I just found out that ISTPs are also known as crafters or artisans. I just thought istps were into logic or science, so relieved to know that getting into crafts is still part of all that, even though Ive never been into it before.

What's yours? And how do you think it relates to your scrapping?

OMG, I have no idea on what you´re talking about... and didn´t really understand the link...

Oh! I thought everyone has taken it at some time or other (thanks to social media). Basically it defines your personality belonging to 12 groups. (similar to enneagram)

There are lots of its tests around the net.

That page looks like it's trying to sell something, but the Myers-Briggs inventory is a personality assessment that has 4 different parts. This link explains it a little better. I'm an INTJ, for example.

@Brandi Thanks!

I am an INFP.......

The link that A.d. provided for the test is the most accurate for the tests, it's the same website that's been used in the few psychology/sociology classes I've taken in high school and college. It's incredibly accurate. The Keirsey website she also linked to is another accurate website, even though it looks like it's trying to sell you something lol.

When I was in high school I tested much differently compared to what I just tested as. I can't remember exactly what I tested as back then but I'm now INTJ (Mastermind/Rational). It makes sense because my personality has changed SO much since I was in high school, even though I graduated 5 years ago, time and living in the real world has altered who I am multiple times. It's funny how accurate these things can be lol!

I'm not sure how it relates to my scrapping exactly but I know that INTJs tend to lean towards electronics so it would make sense that I'm so into digital scrapping instead of paper scrapping. I mean I love crafty things of all times, whether it's hands on or digital, but I do love creating things with computers.

I really could go on and on about this stuff, psychology has always been one of my favorite topics haha smiley

@sunny Thanks for sharing! Do you think being an infp has affected the way you scrapbook?

It´s a very interesting theory! I´ve really never heard about it here in Brazil, I´d like to learn more about someday...

Well, according to the test I am an ISFJ.

I guess relating to my scrapbooking/crafts the judging characteristic would definitely be prominent. I usually plan out my entire layout ahead of time.

@ A.D. - Yes, I think that the "F" for Feeling and the "P" for Perception has a lot to do with the emotional importance I place on my scrapping - I am a visual person, artistic person. And I don't like structure, I like going with the flow. I can see that about me, in my designing. I have to "force" myself to stay with a single color palette, and I usually end up with papers that look like watercolor, rather than structured designs such as a plaid or stripe. And since I don't have much of any "J" characteristics, I am not a good person to do quality control on someone else's designs - no judgmental tendencies at all. On the other hand, not having much of a "J" means that I have a very tough time even deciding what to cook for dinner, much less what to wear for the day. LOL. I'm a mess.

Well I am an INFJ - absolutely no idea what that signifies. Do they send you something explaining everything?

They don't send you anything but you can read more about INFJ here!

@Sharilynn Thanks for sharing info about the site. Nice correlation about electronics and digital scrapping. :-bd

@Dawn Interesting!

@Sunny Haha! That's cool though.

hmmm, something new to learn about!

The Counselor (INFJ) is a more private person than the Teacher. They, too, can be found in the field of education as a professor , teacher, counselor, or educational consultant. Sometimes they feel a strong calling toward the religious life as clergy, nun, or director of religious education. Social service jobs, such as social worker, social scientist, or mediator can fit their needs. Some Counselors work in human services, marketing, or as a job analyst. Others are drawn to the arts as a novelist, designer, or artist.
I find that interesting in relation to my designer side. Generally, I don't use other people's work, not because I don't think it is as good as mine, but because it's not mine. Was it Freddy Mercury who sang "I want to be me"? I don't feel I have a strong religious calling, but I do want to get across to people how important belief in God is - I just have no idea how! I express my self in poetry and write short stories.

Thanks for the link. I, too, have taken this over the years, and for the most part, find it to pretty accurate. I am an ENFJ. Interestingly (so far of those who've posted), I'm the only "E" or extrovert of the group. I find that to often be the case in my "real" life, too. I have a bunch of introverts for friends, but it's ok, as I am the one who usually "gathers" the introverts together. smiley

Most of my writer/artist friends are infj/enfj. So goshdarn unfair. smiley

I was tested about 20 years ago. I think I might look up one of those links and do it again.

Wow! Can't wait to look into this further - thanks for all the great info!

Amber Peace has written about this in other topic. She said:

I'm an INFJ. Which technically is somewhere between 1-2% of the tested population. But you would think it's 99% due to the fact that they all navigate towards one another. Good chance there are lots of INFJs and ENFJs on here. You'll also find them in book discussions and faith blogging and on devientart

Thanks Lórien! It's so hard to find topics on here!

It seems I'm an ISTJ... although a couple of the areas it was a toss-up between the two, so I'm not sure how accurate this is.

I´ve never heard about this test but it sure seems interesting!

Mollie, Marlyn and Dee have some interesting and fun comments on the topic here smiley

ha ha Sharilynn... I thought I had a vague recollection of this conversation but couldn't find it. Thanks for reviving it! smiley

OK I am so lost, lol

im an ESFP! yikes smiley