Names we call our baby while expecting

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Names we call our baby while expecting

Our newly expecting son and his wife call their baby 'T-Rex'. We called our babies 'bumblebee' or 'baby bumblebee'. Our oldest son and his wife called their babies' Henry'. I beg there are lots and lots of different names that expecting parents call their baby.

What name did you consistently call your baby while you were pregnant?

My DH loves the Andy Griffith show so with both of our kids it was kind of a running joke to call the baby to be Opie. My nephew and his wife called their son Ichabod.

Fun topic! Here in Brazil it´s common to call the babies things like "little bean" or so until the sex is discovered. Some of the names don´t have a good translation to English that I´m aware off, sorry smiley Then, when the parents discover if it´s a girl or a boy, most of the names are already chosen these days, specially because people are getting babies later, usually after some years of marriage, so there are people that have chosen the names even before getting pregnant. After people discover it, they usually use the chosen name. In times past the names were chosen after the happenings of the birth day, like Antonio(boy) or Antonia(girl) if the children is born in St. Anthony´s day, but this kind of naming stopped gradually and almost no one does that anymore - I don´t know any Natalia who has been born in Christmas (in Portuguese Christmas is caled Natal, and in the past Natalia and Natalino were the names for the people born close to christmas - Natalia became a popular name on the 80´s, and was used for people born all over the year.), for example.

Lorien, I love to hear how other cultures from mine do things. I am a big fan of genealogy, and have learned so many customs, some of which are still in fashion and many that have been discontinued.

Many people that I know feel it is bad luck to call the baby by its name until after the baby is born. I personally did not want to know the sex of my children until they were born. We did have both a girl and boy name picked out before the big day for each of our children With our last child the names were settled on the night before. We could not agree on a boy name and neither of us wanted to give in, so we finally settled on a name that had nothing to do with our personal choices. We selected a name we both liked, and when our beautiful son was born we both knew that his name was the right choice and had been selected with love. The fun part of this was our doctor was sure we were having a very tiny little girl, instead of a 22 inches, 9 pounds 14 ounces boy. He is grown now and is almost 6 feet 8 inches tall and expecting his first child.

Thank you for responding, I enjoyed hearing from you.

Alissa, those are some interesting names. My husband and I also loved Andy Griffith.

The baby bumblebee came from my husband's family. After we were engaged and went to visit his family, he walked in singing "I'm taking home a baby bumblebee, won't my mommy be so proud of me...". This let his family know that we were engaged and that the family was about to get a new member, me. Years later when we became pregnant he sang his song for his family again, letting then know that a baby was on the way. And so it was with each new pregnancy.

I believe it is fun to scrap the story of how the baby's pre-birth nicknames came about. I have heard some very interesting stories about how different friends and family (siblings and cousins) pre-birth nicknames for their baby came about. I have never heard one of these that I did not love.

While my sister-in-law was expecting, we called baby "kakiebos" Its a weed here in south africa that is everywhere and very hardened - it will survive just about everything and grows very fast. Well, this baby was not planned and managed to slip through 2 types of contraceptives. But now she is here and looks nothing like a kakiebos smiley she is a little angel.

While I was expecting, I sent a sonar photo of our 8 week old baby to my mom and he looked like a little peanut - and that name stuck. She still calls him Peanut smiley

But as for consistent names, I guess its not something we do in our family. As soon as we know the sex, someone will decide on a nickname and it kind of sticks. On my husband's side it's his dad that gives the nick names and on my side it's my mom who gives the nick names.

Sounds like lots of fun. I love that people personalize nickname and that some stick. We still call our grown kids bumblebee.

Our son and his wife had some genetic testing done and it told the sex. I did not want to know the sex and my husband did, so they told him and the first thing my hubby did was to tell me that he is out of the woods for genetic problems. So I know we are having a grandson. This will be four grandsons to one granddaughter. I believe my stinker hubby told as he hates keeping secrets. The sex is unimportant to me as long as the baby is healthy.

P.S. I love your photo.

That is so precious, and yes, as long as the baby is healthy. My mom is now a proud grandmother of a grandson and a granddaughter. But I can see that little angel-girl has already stolen her grandmother's heart.

That was a fun photo to take, I am a photographer, but so rarely make time for myself. Its not right. But when I do make time, its worth it smiley

We called our daughter "Sunshine" smiley

Babies of either sex do a lot of heart stealing, but little girls tend to wrap more people around their little fingers for a longer time. We were only graced with sons and had to wait for them to find daughters for us through marriage. We are extremely close to our daughter-in-laws and feel so bless to have them as our daughters. The addition of each grandchild have only made us closer.

I am far from being a photographer, I am a point and shoot camera girl. I have always admired what photographers can achieve and consider them to the artists. My shots are okay but nothing great, but they still tell the story. I am thousands of miles from the grandchildren and do not get the chance to take very many pictures of them. The new one on the way is only about 90 minutes away from home.

Jenn, that is cute. My mother-in-law's favorite song was "your are my sunshine' and she sang it to all the children, grandchildren, great-grands, and great-great-grands. I wish she was still here to see my son's baby, he was her youngest grandchild.

Ah Marie, I am so pleased you will finally have a grandchild closer to you smiley I see that the bond between grandparent and grandchild is so special and unique. I am so blessed to have all the grandparents close to us now. Its such a blessing.

I called mine Mikey the whole time, and as soon as he was born it was Bubba or Michael. For some reason when he was born I didn't like the nickname Mikey anymore!

Taste change! My eldest daughter-in-law had a girl and boy name picked out for each of her pregnancy all of them have different names than the one picked except for our angel baby. She said she knew that the pre-picked names were not right when she held each the babies. She and my son only had about 10 minutes with our angel before he was gone. Our last grandchild was named because of her hair color. Neither of her names had anything to do with her pre-picked girl name.

When we were expecting twins, we called them A and Z, so matter what names we choose, we had it covered!

Marie Ann, that is very cute and oh so true, like Alpha and Omega. Congratulation on twins.

We called our baby "little frog" because the first us-pic remembered me of a frog smiley

Mona, that is so sweet of a nickname. Since you used the word 'called' I assume the baby is here. Was it a little boy or girl? I see lots of cute little boy outfits with frogs on them, but have never seen one for a little girl. My granddaughter likes frogs as much as her brothers.

Yes, she is here and 2 years old! (time is running smiley ) My sister painted a frog princess picture for her room and I always look for cute little froggies. Some weeks ago I bought new pink socks - a pair of them was with frogs smiley But atm she wants all in blue, blue, blue...

I bet she is adorable. I can hardly wait for our new grandson to be born sometime in October. The proud parents already have his name picked out, in fact, they had a boy and a girl name picked out even before the wedding ceremony. They continue to call him T Rex for the present time.

T Rex is sooo cute! perhaps he'll like to play with dinosaurs smiley

This is cute! Right now we call our JC, even though we don't know the sex yet. Our two sons get into a daily name calling match...The little one calls the older one Jimmy and the older one calls the little one Cliffy. So as a running theme, number three right now is James Clifford, who knows if that name will stick or not!

I do not know if you are old enough to know who Art Linkletter was or not, but he had a couple of TV show a long time ago "House Party" and "Kids, Say the Darndest Things". You can find some on YouTube. Reading about you boys made me thing of that old saying 'kids, say the darndest things. A friend of mine scrapped that she called ism's, these were sayings that her small children would say. It was quite an adorable collection of layouts.

One of my oldest child's 'ism' was he would say forlet for the word forget an example might be 'I forlet to pick up my toys.' This was very odd to our friends, as he started talking at eight months olds and spoke involved sentences by age one. Most of the time he was around adults and we did not talked baby talk to him so he spoke like a very small adult. He is grown with teenagers that are almost grown and he still says forlet.

That is cute! I have seen "Kids, Say the Darndest Things" and it is complete true...the fact they are unfiltered and have little awareness for others makes what they say and do, although sometimes embarrassing for the parents, extraordinarily cute. Last weekend we purchased sunglasses for the kids, and they were looking at each other and talking to their reflection in the lenses...and the older one was saying "Hey dude, we are so coo-ool!" Then would make a pose smiley


I used to say I was going to tape record my children talking, but I never did, and I certainly regret it. We did have some videos of them until we loaned our camera and the videos were in the bag. When we got the camera back it was destroyed as were all the videos. They had let their small child play with the camera and the videos and he ruined everything. My husband and I were both sick, but there was no saving anything. Plus to make it worse my husband had loaned them without consulting me. That was one time that I almost wanted to hurt him, but of course didn't.

Ha. I know how that goes. We got a Flip with our first child, but they were discontinued and now unsupported, so we were in a scramble to convert all our videos. It's unfortunate, as that was a handy little thing. Now, with my camera, I still have the capabilities, but don't use it nearly as much as I use to with the Flip.

When I was pregnant, I called my daughter "bunny", even before I knew her gender. I used to have a beloved pet bunny that would sit on my tummy and use his powerful hind legs to thump me real good - it was his way of showing affection to me. When my daughter started kicking, it reminded me of those love-thumps. It also fit because she was born in the year of the rabbit.

Now, she's still occasionally my bunny, but she's more like the bunny at the end of Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail! She's an ornery little thing (and a ginger so it just compounds it. lol)!

She also gets called "raptor baby" and "bugaboo". When she first started really getting the hang of walking, she'd play and kinda stalk around the living room like a raptor and growl and roar. It was great fun!

Mollie, that is cute. I only had one granddaughter and she is also a ginger and she can definitely be ornery. She will be nine in the fall and she is still a growler when she doesn't get her way.

She was called Henry as were her brothers before they came. Their mom was teased with that nickname when she chopped her hair off when she was young. Her dad called Henry in front of a stranger, and he stated that he was too cute to be a boy and should have been a girl to which she growl that's because I am a girl. When our daughter-in-law told that story to us it was not too long until she was pregnant and living near us. So it was my husband and I that started the Henry nickname as we did not know the gender.

I love hearing all the different names and the stories behind them. Hopefully all that have responded to this post will scrap their nicknames and stories if they have not already.

Have a great day. -Marie

While I was expecting our son we called him " Oopsienot" because he was definately not an oopsie. We had everything planned, names, nursery, etc. before we ever started trying to have him.

I called mine Bozo...after is another whole ball of wax...nickname I mean