Need help identifying a flower :D

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Need help identifying a flower :D

ok ok... so I know we're a scrapping website but my question comes from my quest in finding gorgeous color schemes on pinterest for scrapping and/or mixed media projects.

I came across this lovely palette someone posted. I've searched via the google images and it shows up no where else except on pinterest, so I don't even know where to start. I'm not a big gardner but we have been adding flowers to the list that we'd love to plant when we get our house and I love love love looooovvvve the flower for this sample color scheme. smiley

Does anyone on here by chance know what this flower is called?

It looks like a dahlia, although maybe the colors have been played with. They come in a lot of different colors & combinations. My favorite. smiley

@Judith: when you say the colors have been played with... do you mean in photoshop? or do you mean that maybe they are dyed and I can buy them somewhere maybe? or do people dye them after their cut and in water for interior decor? sorry I'm so new to this. smiley

It is a dahlia, but it has definitely been altered in photoshop. Although Dahlia's come in beautiful colors, i know for a fact that making a Dahlia blue is very very hard if not impossible! Do a google search on Dahila and you will see the most wonderful colors... And yes, I am a fan smiley

Yes, altered with Photoshop. Sorry, I should have clarified that.

I've enclosed a link to a great resource site on dahlias. They sell almost 400 different varieties. The site tells which ones are good for cut flowers. It also has great info on how to grow/care for them. I will warn you ahead of time that it could get expensive - I want all of 'em! smiley

Thanks so much for all the info Judith & ladies!!!

Your quote figures for my luck... I have a big tendency to like the finer things in life, not that I get them often. -- hubby says I have a princess taste on a common girls budget. LoL Guess I have good taste. smiley

ets: PS I had no idea that dahlias came in such a variety! Wow... I could do a hectare of these flowers and be totally content to view them.

I will warn you ahead of time that it could get expensive - I want all of 'em!

Dahlias are gorgeous!!

I thought it was a mum!

You're right A.D. It does look a little like a cross between a plain decorative and a reflexed mum or even a tad like an aster. I still have yet to find anything exactly like it. Wish I knew where the original came from so I could ask the taker of the photo for sure. LoL

I agree with Melo, it's definitely a Dahlia! The blue is altered. I think it could be a "dahlia ferncliff illusion". Hope that helps finding your flower! smiley

I think you may be right Nadia: I did find these two that look very very similar, just different colors. Thanks for the flowers' genus species/scientific name! It helped! smiley

"dahlia ferncliff illusion"

Glad you found it!! smiley smiley