New Designer Melo Vrijhof

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New Designer Melo Vrijhof

I am very happy to see Melo is starting to add her work to the 'Pixel Scrapper' assets. I really like her design work. Welcome on board, Melo, and I hope you will enjoy all of you associations here.

She is an awesome lady and designer. I am so proud of her achievements!!! Bravissimo Melo {Cheers} smiley

What a honor for you to join the ranks of our wonderful & talented team of designers: Marisa, Brooke, Janet, & Sheila

Here's the blog post of the announcement for any of you that missed the newsletter announcement and don't know what Marie and I are talking about. smiley

Yes, welcome, Melo! Love your work, AND you've been really helpful to me in the forum, too.

I'm so excited! And hoping some of those amazing and cute critters of yours show up in the templates.... smiley

Loving what I am seeing!!