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New Dog

I had to give up my Jack Russell a few months ago because she snapped at my 4 year old and kept getting in fights with my parents doberman. My friend took her and living her retirement up in a young child free home its just her and her new mom and dad and 16 year old brother and loving it there very much. We got a rescue dog named Lexi who just turned 1 on the 16th, this dog hardly barks and just a wonderful little lady. She is brindle colored and part Grey Hound and Lab. My husband and sons think I have a screw loose! Since I do not have a daughter I am really missing the dressing up and pink pretty stuff, I am hunting around for a cute blinged out collar and name tag for her and a really cute pink bed, she is so easy going she even lets me dress her up. To me its like having a daughter but she don't mouth off or anything that girls do to their moms when they don't like something the are forced to wear. I see nothing wrong with it, its not like I am taking her around the neighborhood or out of the house like that. Anyone else do this to their dogs?

I have a little chihuahua and we dress her up a lot. We have to, especially during the winter. I paid more for her winter coat(s) and booties than I paid for mine. She even has a pink fur coat. smiley She has various sweaters and tshirts for when its a little chilly. Everyone who sees her, and especially if she's dressed up, just has to stop and chat and pet her.

Awww that so cute I want to see pictures now!!!!!!

Funny you dress up your pet. Glad I am not the only crazy one. Lol. I actually just put a kids collared shirt on my cat yesterday and let him walk around with it on. He did not find it nearly as amusing as I.

Still waiting for Cat´s dog picture, lol. Chihuahuas are soooooo adorable! When I worked on the pet shop we had a chihuahua costumer who had very fashion outfits smiley

I've tried to dress my dogs up for Halloween one year but it lasted a minute. Great choice with the rescue dog. Greyhounds are wonderful dogs. They have the most "layed back" temporment I've ever seen...and mixed with a lab...she's gonna be an awesome pet.

Brava to you for getting a rescue dog! smiley

So far she is great. She is attached to my husband and she loves to jump on the furniture. We are trying to break the furniture habit. The kids love her to death and gets along with the doberman really well. What I love is she does not bark at all which is good because Mila barks all the time over everything.

She sounds like a wonderful addition to your family. smiley

She is. My husband and I took her to Petsmart and Petco today and she was an angel in there. She really did not want to leave the treat and dog food isle at all but she walked away from those isles with out a fight. smiley

Lovely dog! We have 3 rescue dogs, although my latest was not a rescue. My husband refuses to let me buy any clothes for her!
Ignore the flowers! This is my latest baby, she is an apricot miniature poodle.

Adorable! I got Lexi dressed in a Pink New England Patriots Jersey. My husband loved it and she looked so cute she didnt even bother to try and chew it off

Our dog HATES clothes - she won't even wear a Christmas hat smiley We got a big fabric collar that says "merry Christmas" and she looked so miserable when we put it on her that we could not use any of the photos!

LOL thats funny. My one son cant decided what to dress her as for halloween. I'm just happy she allows it.

major brownie points for a pink Patriots jersey!!

LOL my hubby is from Rhode Island and loves all sports and thats his football team. Now when it comes to baseball whole different story between us, hockey is becoming an issue between us too. But hey it keep the marriage interesting thats for sure!