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New Here

I am excited about being on here. Just discovered this site last night!
Would like to say Hi! Still figuring out how it all works, but love it! smiley

Hi and welcome!
Everyone here is really friendly so surf around, get to know the site and the people and don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have!

Hi Terra! You'll have a blast here! It's not too difficult to figure out and it's a lot of fun. I've met some wonderful people (and incredibly creative ones) here. Welcome aboard! smiley

Hello Terra

great to meet another newbie here. You and I must have been on a discovery tour at about the same time (great minds think alike?).

This site is wonderful and ever so good to help the creative juices flowing.

Welcome Terra (do you know it means Earth on my language?), Jacinta, and everybody! To make sure no one will mistake this post for the official introduction thread in the future I´ll lock it for now, ok?

Have fun at Pixel Scrapper smiley

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