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New music...

This past weekend I heard music by 3 new artists I'd never heard before - Shaylee Simeone, Casey Darnell & Lindsey Stirling. A newsletter I got referred me to the first two artists, and the last one my 16 y.o. told me about (he really likes Lindsey's music, which is a combination of violin playing & electronica). Really liking their stuff!

What new music have you come across lately?

My husband loves Lindsay Stirling. I don´t really like it, however. There´s something that annoys me on her music... Somehow she and her music seems so fake, like she´s pretending to be cool, but being a poser indeed... Well, maybe I prefer more traditional violin plays...

I´m not really into "new music", but discovered The Killers last year when watching a live broadcast of a show last year... And I really liked the music and stage presence. I talked about it for some days and forgot it. Then, my husband gave me this CD for Christmas, saying "I guess this is the band that impressed you. I think you´ll like this CD"

And, yeah, I for sure did! I´m addicted on this CD, listening almost everyday, sometimes more than once. I´m the kind of girl that, when liking a CD, play it thousands of times... It´s really a good one.

@ Lizanne: I like Casey Darnell... he's got a very interesting voice... I kind of think the same about Lindsey as Lorien (she seems too showy or over the top for me) I don't think I've really heard anyone new for a while that is an all time favorite of mine yet, though. I do like Audrey Assad a lot but she's been around for several years now.

@Lorien: I've not heard of The Killers, I went to YouTube to check them out. And there are tons of videos. Which songs are your favorites that represent their style you like the most?

The violin playing was okay to me (reminded me of Riverdance a bit?) - it's the electronica part behind her that I didn't get into that much. But my son & his friends are all into electronica, so I end up having to listen to it... LOL

Loooove The Killers.

Music I've picked up recently:

The Dirty Guv'nahs. (Song is Baby We Were Young)

love love love The Killers!

I recently fell in love with Editors. Not exactly new music... but very nice to listen to. Good lyrics, the lead singer has an amazing voice. I saw them perform live once and was hooked on the spot. I love Bruno Mars' new song.

Love The Killers!

Discovered Lucky Soul's music just last year. Same with MS MR. And I looove Betty Who's Somebody Loves You. It's a fun song to sing and dance around with.

Has anyone heard Mercy Me's new song "Shake" ? I did & it's SOooo catchy - love it!

has anyone heard MIA's newest song, Y.A.L.A. (you always live again)? It was on a commercial for a car but I heard it a few weeks ago before I saw the commercial. It's really catchy!

@ShariLynn: What car is it a commercial for? I don't remember hearing it before... not that I'm an expert on tv commercials. LoL I'm sure it's probably just a partial of the song or the beat, but I still can't place it after listening to it.

I can't remember but I'll keep a lookout for it!