Oct. 2019-Dec. 2019 Blog Trains

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Oct. 2019-Dec. 2019 Blog Trains

Am I missing the threads for the above mentioned blog trains? If I'm not overlooking them is it too early to start with suggestions and voting? If they haven't been decided could we get started, with school starting and holidays close at hand, I would like to have as much time as possible to work on those trains. I know it didn't make the cut previously but I would like to suggest the "Farm Fiesta" theme and palette in the thread HERE for November.

We haven't done anything "Halloween" related for an October blog train. Starting in 2018 and working back the themes for October have been, I Dig It, Pumpkin Spice, School of Art, That Teenage Life (ok I went Halloween theme with this one as "That Teenage Zombie Life), Autumn Art, and Thankful. A Halloween theme doesn't have to be scary/gory stuff. In fact, based on being involved with Pixel Scrapper blog trains myself since June 2014 (oh my gosh it has been that long? wow), I'm confident there wouldn't be any scary/gory stuff. Well, anyway, that's my two cents. smiley

I was just thinking to post the ideas thread for this Dawn. I'll do it shortly.