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One More Night...

One more night with my

We're in the hotel, just a few miles from his new residence. He moves in 8:00 am. He's an Illinois Man now, with a Cardinals cap though! smiley

We'll spend the day trying to figure out how to get all his instruments into the small room he shares. It's a good thing that his roommate is just as excited for the full keyboard as he is, or I don't know that we'll actually find a why to get it in.

His sister has demanded that we talk lots of photos and movies, as she's busy moving in her first semester students as well this week, as Admissions Counselor at her Alma mater.

For today though the guys have already had a long day, both up early this morning, hubby putting in 1/2 a day at the factory before we left, and my son having gotten up early to drive up and to his sister's campus to say goodbye, as she didn't get off campus, but camped-out yesterday because of all the work she's putting in this week.

I'm sure this is a bittersweet week for you. smiley Best Wishes to accomplish the move-in and safe travels back home.

In 1998 both my boys left home at Christmas ... one was in collage and the other in university and they decided to rent a town house with two other young men ... the house was really quiet until the ice storm in Ontario .... our power in the country was out for 9 days.... guess where we moved until it was back on ... yup ... in with the boys. It was so much fun with all their friends coming in for showers at all times of the day, trying to keep the cat in the strange house and lots and lots of crockpot chili and home made soup for the 'boys' and their girls .... I was in school at the time as well ..... I was actually glad to get back to the quiet of the empty nest for a bit smiley