One of my free images is now a background for a UK site

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One of my free images is now a background for a UK site

This is so cool and a very cute site ... they approached me last year to ask if they could use my gingham paper for the background on their site ... the site is now up .... just had to share it lol

Way Cool!!

That's great Susan! I bet it makes you feels a little proud. smiley I know I would be.

Awesome! And the paper is a great fit for the site.

Their site is very cute! It's perfect for children's wear.

Wow, it´s really cool Susan!

That is very cool. Congrats!

Congrats.. it looks great!

Congrats, that's totally awesome!

Congrats, how wonderful!

Congrats! It looks perfect for their site. smiley

Well done looks great

Congrats, It looks great!

Congratulations, that's wonderful!

SO cute, congrats!!

It's so cute! No wonder they wanted it. You have a right to be excited - that's super cool smiley

Wow- congrats!

Oh! Grats! smiley

How awesome! I can see why they'd want to use your paper. smiley


Congrats that is fantastic.

That is awesome! You should be very proud!

How cute and very cool site. Congrats, you should feel very chuffed. smiley

Congrats!! smiley


it looks great! Congrats smiley

So cool! I'm still not used to seeing my designs when they get posted! smiley

Very nice, it is so cool to see your designs being put to good use! Congrats!


How cool is that!

Wow! You must be so proud!