Making a Pattern in Photoshop

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Making a Pattern in Photoshop

I hope I am posting this in the right area. I have this photo that I would like to turn into a pattern, but I am having no luck with it. Actually I have had a hard time with PS 2019 making patterns. The offset often does not work and will only offset the right side and leave the left blank.

However that is not the case with this one. It just will not create a pattern, not sure if it is due to the image or if I am doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance smiley

The offset filter is working fine for me with your image Julie. You may want to try restarting your computer, to see if that helps.

Were you able to make it into a pattern? It has not been working for me for weeks and I have restarted my computer numerous times.

If the offset filter isn't working, you can try a little trick that works for me (for whatever reason I have this problem often with Photoshop CS6):

On your image:

Select>All (this will give you the marching ants all around the edges of your image), then go to Image>Crop. Do not use the crop tool for this, it won't work... you need to have the whole image selected and then go to Image>crop.

What this does is it cuts off any transparent or non-transparent pixels that may be extended beyond the outer edges of your image/canvas (even if you don't think there are any), and that's why the offset filter isn't equal all around, it's including outside edge pixels that you can't see.

This little trick seems to fix the problem every time for me. Even a brand new blank transparent canvas can sometimes have pixels outside of the border (I have no idea why that happens). But cropping seems to do the trick, then the offset filter will do what it's supposed to do and offset your image equally so you can create a proper seamless pattern.

Anyways, try that and see if it works.

As for this particular image that you're working with:

Maybe there's something wonky in Photoshop 2019 and you need to unlock the .jpg background image into a normal unlocked layer before it will let you "define pattern" ? Because in Photoshop CS6 I had no problem making your image into a pattern. Try double clicking on the layer in your layers window, a prompt window will pop up, click "okay", and that will remove the "locked background" (photoshop .jpg default) and change it to a normal unlocked layer.

Also maybe check in your Photoshop options/preferences... there might be something you need to change in your default preferences with regards to pattern making and the "define pattern" option ?

That's about the only things I can think of that might be causing you a problem with this image.

Thanks, I will try cropping it and changing it to a layer. As far as options I have never seen anything in preferences regarding patterns.

I’m using PS 2019 and it has a lot of bugs smiley

I will let you know if the cropping works

Thank you Brenda, apparently in the new PS you must convert the image from a jpeg to a layer. It worked just fine! I was going crazy, have been graphic artist since 2005 and I just could not figure out what was going on... smiley

Glad to hear that worked for you, it was just a wild guess on my part.

Now hopefully the cropping thing helps to solve your offset problem... if it does, you'll be back in the saddle!


Actually it was turning it from a jpeg to a layer that solved the problem. So thank you, I never would have thought of that.