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where do i go to get photoshop? and is there a free one? is there a certain one to get?

Depends on what you want to do .... go to or .... you can download a trial of either elements or CS for 30 days if you want to try them out but then you have to pay for it....CS is now a monthly subscription and you can purchase an elements disc. If you are or have a student you can get a better price on your subscription ... students get discounts.... Amazon sells elements discs and both put it on sale several times a year....

Elements 11 and 12 are now really good ... I'm using 11 and it does a lot ... you can't warp objects just text, you can't play with curves or create vectors or shapes. It works in bitmaps and changes any vector to a bitmap when it opens it. If you are looking for high end designing and tweaking or painting and fine art etc CS may be the way you want to go but otherwise elements is great way to introduce yourself to the photoshop family without putting out a lot of $$$ and you have the disc for backup anytime you need it.

Thank you susan. i may do a trial and see how it goes.

I'm going to lock this thread. Janice, if you have further questions I'd suggest taking a look at this forum and posting future software questions there.

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