A Pinterest Tip: Completed Boards

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A Pinterest Tip: Completed Boards

I know that I'm not the only one around who loves Pinterest (see this post to see our community on Pinterest) and I was playing around in it today and I thought I would share one of the most useful tips I've found. Basically, someone mentioned having a "Completed" board where you can pin things you've actually done. This is great for both keeping track of things in case you need them again, and feeling good about yourself when your survey all you've accomplished. Plus it motivates you to do something new so you can pin it on there.

Of course, I like a certain level of organization and I now have 4 completed boards:

Do you have a completed board? Or other Pinterest tips? Please share!

That makes so much sense...I seriously need to try this. Especially with my "Completed Travels" it would be great. Thanks for Sharing. I sooo love Pinterest.

This is an awesome idea. I LOVE Pinterest, I have to limit myself though or I can lose HOURS on that site. I find great photography inspiration on there too!

Oh wow...fantastic tip!! When I manage to find some time I'm going to have to dig through and do that.

yikes, but then it would be obvious that i just keep pinning and not getting anything done! smiley

That is an awesome idea! I want to share all of the cool stuff I post on my blog and it would be nice to have a personal (or a few) boards like that so people know exactly what is mine:)

I thought about doing this, but wasn't sure what I'd title it smiley YEAH!!! now I know what I'm doing

What a great idea!!!

I just think it's a great idea to have a completed board to make sure you're not repeating yourself too much (in case you forgot that you already did something with that inspiration) ...