Pixel Scrapper papers, kits for card-making

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Pixel Scrapper papers, kits for card-making

Does anyone else around here use this site for making greeting cards? I love the papers, kits, etc. for my card hobby. I do hybrid card-making... I print my pieces, cut them out, and layer them on my card base. I started a blog today where I will try to blog each day, about a card I have made. Visit at: http://sonjasgreatergreetings.blogspot.com

Good Luck on the new blog, the cards out there are pretty!

I know we have other hybrid crafters out there - to be sincere, the first project where I used a paper from Pixel Scrapper was a hybrid mini album smiley These days I do more digital layouts, and almost never make cards, but sometimes I do something hybrid to sell...

I just checked out your blog…WOW your cards are excellent!!! LOVE the tin can flower pots (I'm gonna "borrow" your idea and make a few myself) smiley

WOW! So gorgeous and creative!