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Plethora of Pictures

Our little guy arrived at the end of September, and I am now facing just the beginning of a new scrapbook challenge - dealing with all the pictures! Having a newborn means taking a lot of pictures! I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed at the idea of trying to scrap them all. How do you handle all the pictures?

To start, I've sworn to myself that I will not keep too many multiples of the same scene. For example, I don't need 20 pictures of baby-in-his-swing. I plan to narrow down favorites to just a couple of the best. But even doing that, I still have tons more pictures than I did this time last year. smiley

In the past, I've just made one scrapbook for the year in review, and it was a reasonable size. If I include all the baby pictures, it will be significantly larger. So I'm wondering if I should make a separate book for just his pictures, saving only a couple of the bigger milestones for the yearly review. Or maybe I should just accept that the yearly review will be about 2x as big as it was before and 90% baby. LOL

Just curious as to how you work with your pictures. Do you scrap 'em all or just favorites or big events/milestones? Do you tend to have different books for different themes?

It depends. I scrap milestones, events and holidays. Vacations and sometimes pictures that I just love that I feel tell a story. I keep everything chronological , but I'm anal about stuff like that.
I label all my pictures in the same way.
Folder- (2013)
subfolder- Month- (1Jan13, 2Feb13) The number in front keeps them in order
subfolder- Date and Title- (12413Snowday) Pics inside this folder

Thats how I organize my pics. smiley
Congratulations again on the birth of your little one! Goodluck !

I'm working on a book for each kid. It's an ongoing thing, I don't know if I'll ever finish. I've got my book going too, just pictures I like of various family things. So I'm sometimes using the same pictures in different layouts for different books, but I don't really mind. I have taken WAAAAY more pictures than I actually use though. Same things with the ones I print to frame. I probably print 4 times as many as I frame to display around the house, but I've been using the 3x5s anyway to make small brag books for the grandmas to keep in their purses.

First, congratulations for your baby! Glad to know you´re tresuring lots of funny, cute and special moments!

Well, I don´t have kids, but kitties, but their pics are around 2/3 of the pics that are taken on our camera... And this year I also have the zounds of pics from my August road trip, that are not, exactly, "daily life"...

What I usually do is to have a "year" book and a "cats" book. For this year I´ll have at least 4 different books... One from life in general, one for the cats and at least two for the road trip... On the "life" book I´ll put only a few pics of the road trip (probably in at max of 4 pages project-life style full of little pics) and I usually keep cat´s pics in this book to a minimal (till now there isn´t any kitty on 2013 photo book... even in someone´s lap - what is a miracle as in 2011 almost all the photos of myself I have were of me holding a cat...)

I prefer different books for different themes. All my dog pictures in one - although I have yet to redo it, my first got ruined when the fish tank leaked! One for my daughters wedding etc.

Thanks for the well wishes smiley I'm sure you'll see pictures of him in the gallery sooner or later!

@Lucy, that sounds like how I typically scrap. I prefer chronological order, too! Just makes more sense for me.

@Lorien, we have a kitty & prior to the little guy's arrival, she was the subject of most of my pictures, too! I would usually set aside one or two "collage" pages in a scrapbook to just include all the various pictures I'd have of her throughout the year so I wouldn't have too many pages that were just the cat. But she could probably easily have her own entire book!

I'm glad to hear that others do multiple books. I hesitated to do that because I don't want to give overwhelmed by having several different books going at once.

I like the idea of giving my kids (however many we have) at least their own "first year" book that's all about them. I don't know if I can reasonably keep it up each year after that. But then there won't be quite as many milestones after the first year, so I could probably keep them in the family "yearbook."