Popping by to say a quick hello

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Popping by to say a quick hello

Dear friends

just popping in to say a quick hello before real life drags me back kicking and screaming.

Its tax season here in Australia and I am a tax agent and business owner so there is little time for relaxing, creativity or even sleep.

I am popping in from time to time to admire the lovely work that has been loaded up into the gallery and skulk through the forums but have little time to contribute. Keep it up as you are keeping me a little bit sane. I think I will be able to take part in the book club if the title that is ultimately chosen has an audio book available as part of my daily routine includes a couple of hours driving between offices.

stay well everyone.

cheers from tropical Far North Queensland!


Ick tax time. In the states it's runs from like jan to april. Anyways good luck! smiley

I hate tax time. Always declare and calculate my taxes close to the deadline. Good luck with that.

Here in Brazil its from February to April - just as a curiosity note!