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Positive diary

Hi everybody,
I struggle with a depression.
in therapy I have now been instructed to keep a positive diary.
you may only write down the positive things of that day.
I would like to do that digitally and in scrapbook form.
Does anybody here have experience with this ??
I would love to hear your ideas.

Thank you so far 👍

Hi Nancy,
I struggle with depression as well and have a positive journal. Sometimes what I note is very simple (I got dressed today). But no matter what I say, keeping track makes me feel good. I believe it will help you. Do you have a digital journal? If not I suggest looking on Etsy. Take care!

Hi Tina, thank you for your reply . It is allways Nice to know your not allone.
I’m using the zinnia app. That is a superfun app to journal and scrapbook so i’m trying to combi the two.

I’m still struggeling with Positive journal but i only started a week a Month ago .....


Sounds like a great idea. You may want to take a look at bible journaling layouts or digital planner layouts. Neither are exactly what you're doing, but they may give you some ideas for making a spread with no photos and more writing.

Thank you Marisa, I now use text and photo’s so that it gets more creative. Just writing down the positives of the day is hard.
But with photo’s and flowers and Nice digital paper it looks much prettier and Fun to make.
Perhaps I can show some in the gallary.


We'd love to see it!

That sounds similar to my gratitude journaling practice, though I generally keep that in my planner alongside my appointments, tasks, meals, daily habits, and medical symptoms log. The combination of what was good about the day plus all that I DID manage to finish really helps with keeping a stable mood in the face of ongoing chronic (physical) illness. I don't do much decorating in my planner these days, though; I put that energy into designing, when I have the energy to do so.

These are fantastic. My adopted son is currently creating a "trauma scrapbook" and it is on the same lines.