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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good (not too pricey) place to print 12x12 pages? I am finishing my first digital scrapbook for my baby and I want to print individual pages b/c I am going to include them with hard copy pages in his baby book. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I've been using Persnickety Prints ( 12x12 is $1.99 with $5 shipping ($10 international) no matter the size of your order. I have been very pleased with the speed and quality.

I emailed Persnickety Prints because I had heard they were good but wanted to do photobooks. In the reply she was nice enough to let me know their specialty is prints and they really don't do photobooks. That should say something! I have heard that they are about the best for prints.

Thanks girls! I will definitely try them out. That price is great. I have a ton of pages to print! I can't wait to have them in my hands. I am new to the whole digital scrapbooking world so I am excited to combine these pages with my "hard copy" pages in my son's baby book smiley
Have a nice day!

I use persnickity latest discovery is to resize my layouts to 6x6 and put four onto a 12x12 layout. Then when printed, I cut them apart and put them in my 6x6 loose leaf notebook, which is a brand new item available from My Memories, I think. I get it at JoAnne's and then order the photo sleeves online.

What kind of paper do they use at persnicketyprints or what have you order? I like the heavier weight cardstock that I use at home but was wondering how heavy their paper is.