Professional Photographer needs album help!!!

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Professional Photographer needs album help!!!

Hello All,

I have just found you all and i must say i am very very impressed with your work.
Now here comes the request...

Could some kind soul set their talents to work creating 3 to 5 backgrounds i can use for a clients digital storyboard album i am laying down?

The requirements are as follows...

The pages are 14" x 14" square so the dpi needs to be 300 giving a double page spread at 4200dpi x 8400 dpi ( or at a crunch i can take 2100 x 4200 @ 200dpi)

I am not sure what the terms are...i would credit you in the work and am prepared to pay.

Attached are two images i would like you to use as inspiration...the overall tone of the backdrops should be cream/white or papirus feel/antique paper light brown with light detailing ( ie parchment look with fine tracery on the edges)

I have attached a few small photos of the brides bouquet and the dress detailing , also the bridesmaids colours as well. If the tracery can complement the green of the bridesmaids dresses that would be ideal

Kind Regards

Tom Lawrie

Creative Director
Espero Photographic

Images are on the following file...

Okay...have just posted and the file image does not work...

The relevant clients bouquet and imagery is on my site on this link...

hope this helps and i look forward to some cool responses

thanks tom

I would like to take a stab at this. I will make up a couple samples and you can let me know what you think and we can work out the details from there...