2 Year Birthday coming up!!!

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Last post 2 Year Birthday coming up!!!

So a few months back I was so excited that we were hitting 50K members.

Well... Today I realized that Marisa and Jordan are quickly approaching the 2 year mark for the new website! Can you believe it?!?!?!?!

So, I have a goal for us as a Birthday Present to them.

Why don't we all try to tell every one we know about the website if you haven't already and see if we can help them reach 65,000 members by then. It's about 6 weeks away. So, it shouldn't be too hard. Wouldn't that be an awesome gift for them? To obtain that many members... sharing their wonderful vision which they've created for us?

Anywho... I just thought if any of you were as excited about our growth and community here as I am... You'd love to Bless Marisa and Jordan the way they've blessed all of us. And this might be a really neat way for us over the web to congratulate them for building us such a great place to grow our digi-scrap hobby.

PS I hope each one of our members know that we are glad to have you as part of it all! Thanks for making PS such a special place!!!

smiley I was just telling someone how Marisa, Jordan and all the PS Crew are awesome yesterday!

I'm always telling others and listed the link on my blog with my kits ... I think I've gone through my friends online and off lol