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I'm tete from Greece and I'm very happy for finding this blog....
I don't know many thinhgs of what exactly I can mak here...but I thinkthat I may learn in the future!!!
I like making images with lots of things around, I also like scrapbooking and I think that this site can help me and teach me to make both of these things!
so, If I would like to make questions, I can make them here???

p.s. sorry for my English!! I may have lots of mistakes!!!

Welcome Don't worry about your English there are people from all over on these forums. This the best site I've found once you get the hang of it. there are different forums for different types of questions but there pretty cool here they'll just tell you which one to go to.
If you go to tutorials you can learn a ton of stuff, I have. I only started digital scrapping the beginning of Oct and I'm hooked.
I used to do regular scrapbooking.
Here's the add of my photobucket so you can see what I've made. you'll have to paste it cause I don't know how to do a live link/

Good Luck & Have Fun

It just comes up as a link how cool is that.

Welcome Tete!

I travelling to Grece is one of my dreams (I´d love to see the Mediterran, all the small islands, and, of course, the ruins! I´m in love with everything related to Ancient Grece), and I´m very happy because on the last months I made some Greek friends online smiley

As Cathy said, don´t worry about your english. I´m not a good english writter too (I´m from Brazil) and I often learn new words here, and everybody has patience when I´m not sure on how to write something smiley Also, after a year on the forums I can tell you: Writing here helps you to make your English better smiley

If your question is general, post on this forum. If it´s related to digiscrap, post here. If you want to know how to do something in the software you use, there´s a forum for software specific questions, and so on... Just don´t be affraid to ask smiley

hello again!!!
thank you soooo much for helping me!
it is awesome!!!!! smiley

haha!!! I hope you will come some time here!
it is really noce, but now, because of the economic crisis some things are harder than you may think!
anyway, I live in an island -Crete- and summer here is perfect!
hope you can come one day and see!!
thank you veeeery much!

@Tete: If I win the lottery, be sure I´ll be there in the summer and spend lots of money in local stuff to help the economy smiley

I have a question: I am relatively new to PixelScrapper and I downloaded my one free kit after I signed up. However, I am just wondering, am I able to download one kit a month without a subscription? Or do I have to spend $10 a month in order to download them? I was wondering about this because I don't really have the ability to have a credit card or a bank account to do monthly subscriptions like this. But I would like to be able to at lease get at minimum 1 kit per month. This would be ideal for my situation.

Hi Jerry,

What you can do without spend any profit is what the most users do: Come back to Pixel Scrapper everyday to use your daily download credits to get assets you will use. I know that the idea of downloading piece by piece istead of the full kit may look weird, but when you get used to it you start thinking on the amount of useless stuff you download to get only some pieces to use. You can plan your next layout, choosing papers and ellies for it that may, or may not, be from the same kit, and download day by day. If you´re downloading only for Personal Use, getting assets enough for a page take only a few days. If you really don´t feel like starting a layout without a full kit, you should chose the kit you want to have, on the kit pages, and, on the specific page for the desired kit click on "see more" link above the part that says "items on this kit" and keep downloading the stuff everyday till you have the complete kit. I know that there are some users that do like that.

Also, you can download every month the blog train for that month without need of download credits, and all the portions match very well with each other making a huge colaboration kit. Theme and color palettes for the blog train are deceided by the users, that can give sugestions to be voted on a pool.

As the bonus of 5 free downloads work?

Hi Rebecca. You mean the 5 download credits (also called DCs) you get everyday? It´s like that: you can go to assets or templates, and chose something you want. They cost DC´s depending on the kind of thing you want to grab, as described on the last part of .this post.

So, you can grab any combination of them in regard to how many credits you have. For example, if you have 5 download credits a day, you can grab one PSD template for comercial use (5 DCs), 5 assets (papers or elements) for personal use (1 credit each) or 1 png template for comercial use (3DCs) and 1 asset for comercial use (2 DCs).

Everyday, around 3am (suposing you sat your correct timezone on your profile) your DCs will renew. So, you may come to this site everyday and get more stuff. But there´s a IMPORTANT thing to notice: Your credits DON´T accumulate. So, if you spent 3 credits or 5 credits on a day, on the next one you´ll have 5 credits; if you don´t come to the site in a specific day, your credits won´t be in double on your account on the next.

I hope this is what you were looking for, because I´m not sure I understood your question.