Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Does anyone have one?
Do you use any program with the stylus to make doodle elements?
Does anyone have it and hate it?

My husband has one, and I want one. It has one of the nicest, most accurate screens I have seen in a cell phone. He's let me play around and doodle on it and it was a lot of fun. But I don't know that I would make scrapbooking stuff on it... hahaha. I like my Wacom tablet too much. lol. smiley I want the phone so that I can scribble down my own notes, and there are some really fun apps and games on it - now that my Sidekick 4G is pretty outdated I don't get to play around with all the new stuff. And the camera is really nice, too!

Thanks Mollie! Since there's not a way currently for me to get a tablet and a phone, that's why I'm leaning towards the Note. My current phone is a Droid 2X running on 3G. I feel your pain.

OMG, here in Brazil 4g is brand new, and only one of telephone operators already has the technology. We use GSM and 3G - my cellphone is not "smart" - It´s a Nokia GSM , but I have a tablet of a small brand. But I just got shocked of hearing 4G and outdated on the same sentence, lol.

Well, the unfortunate thing is that in the cellphone industry here in the US (I can't speak for other countries because I haven't been to any of them lol) a phone is technically outdated within about 6 months of being created!! The Galaxy Note 2 just came out last November and already there is talk about the Note 3! It's ridiculous!
I love my Sidekick 4G. I smiley Samsung products and back home (Kansas City, Missouri) I do practically everything on my phone. But where we're stationed right now in North Carolina I can only pick up the EDGE network, which from what I understand is pretty much the same as your GSM networks. It connects to my wi-fi at home and it is better, but it is nothing like being back home and having 4G - my phone really can't do much of what it's supposed to do because of the slower network speeds. My husband's Galaxy Note 2 is actually more dead in the water out here than my phone is - so despite his fancy features, my phone is actually better. LOL!!
But someday I am going to have to upgrade. Cellphones tend to only have a shelf-life of about 2 years with a provider before they aren't supported... 4 years if you're lucky. I've already had mine for about 2... so I have to start thinking about and budgeting for a new phone.

As far as I know, it´s like that everywhere - and not only for cellphones, but for other kinds of electronics too. And they make the components for them in a way they don´t last long. One of my cellphones has 3 years and other has almost 4, however. And I like them this way, will use them while I can, because I really prefer phones that are used to make calls and send SMS than the ones that can do everything - for it a laptop/tablet works well for me.

Just as an anecdote: When my mom gave birth to me, 29 years ago, she bought a wash machine, because I used too many cloth diapers - the ones that can be trown away weren´t the norm yet - and this wash machine, with some repairs, was inheirted by me when I got married - my mom already had a newer one that costed less maintenance and wasn´t going to use two wash machines for three people and no pets at home. This washing machine still works very well, including take lots of my cat´s fur out of the clothes. However, as one part are, literally, falling apart little by little, we started looking for a new one, and I started researching about it on the web. I learn that, with the new dishwashers are expected to work for 6-8 years... 10 if you are a very lucky person - I´m really shocked with it, as my wash machine has 28 years and works very well... Also, according to the internet, the new machines filters aren´t that good to get fur... For me this is sooooo weird...

Yeah, I know what you mean. Things used to be made to last and now they aren't. I find it really saddening. Quality and durability used to be the cornerstones of products. Now so many things are considered disposable. It is something that really, REALLY bothers me. My husband and I inherited a washer and dryer from his parents when they decided to upgrade to an energy efficient set - our oldie-but-goody washer has broken once in about 5 years, and in that same time their pair was been replaced by the manufacturer and then returned for a refund! The repair guy who came out to fix our washer said that we have one of the last good, durable ones...

It's a sad, sad thing. And I do not like the direction that it is heading. smiley

I have to agree with things not made to last! Washing machines in particular seem to be poor quality. We have an old one that has been repaired several times, but hopefully will keep working a little while longer! I have a Samsung Note 2. I am still getting to grips with it and find it a little frustrating at times. I can't figure out how to get a new drawing page and wish you could just press it on instead of "swiping" it I need a course on how to use it - and how to remember how to use it!!

Funny story about washers, my father-in-law has a washer and dryer set from the 70s that still works like it's brand new! My dad's washer that he bought like 6 years ago just recently died and they had to buy a new one. Pretty funny comparison in my opinion haha.