Santa Claus or Saint Nick

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Santa Claus or Saint Nick

Which name do you prefer using? Are there any other names to use?

Santa Claus is what I use.

The only other one that comes to mind is Kris Kringle!

We use both. St. Nick comes on Dec. 6th and leaves treats in a child's shoe left outside their bedroom door. My husband insists an orange be included with the treats - it's what he got in Catholic school as a kid. Santa Claus comes the night of Dec. 24.

I use Santa/Santa Claus and so do most people I know.

I also use Santa or Santa Claus..

Santa for us too.

Kim mentioned the oranges. We always got a mandarin orange (if my parents could afford to buy them) with Christmas candy & mixed nuts in our stockings at Christmas - my family is Catholic. I was really surprised when we moved to the city that other people put little presents in their kids stockings.

Santa Claus for us smiley

In the UK he is also known as father christmas

I´m not familiar with Nick.... We´ve used Santa Claus, but now the kids are so big the don´t belive in him...

Hi we use Santa or Santa Claus but have heard of Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Saint Nick all being used.

it's mostly santa/ santa clause here. We use saint nick & father christmas too ...I love the sound of Kris Kringle though! That sounds fun!

We grew up with Santa Claus, but for reasons, I'm a bigger fan of St Nicholas on the 6th and just leaving it at that.

We got an orange, some little candies, and then things like toothbrushes and jacks in our stockings.