share the funniest dumb.....

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share the funniest dumb.....

share the funniest dumb.....thing you did when you first started to learn Photoshop or what ever application you're using.

I just discovered duplicate layer!! BUT at first I thought it wasn't working cause I didn't see any more copies appear.
After trying it 5 times I realized they were on top of one another....DUH!!!!

I have learned so much in such a short period of time. (5 weeks)
Totally into trying effects right now.

For the first several pages I made, I didn't know how to resize the layout in photoshop, so I was saving the page as a jpeg, opening it in another program and resizing it there to upload to the web. So glad I've come so far since then!!

I can't believe Catherine and I are the only ones who did goofy things when we first started. Is it in the name LOL

haha Cathy, I'm sure we're not the only ones!!

No you are not the only two, thats for sure, I have had a lot of crazy things that I have done, but am learning slow but sure... smiley

I opened so many things in PSP that I crashed my computer (ran out of memory).... Forgetting to save as I go, so I'd have to re-do the same layout over & over again (shaking my head)....which is not good considering it took me 7 HOURS to make a layout! (I kid you not - it took me that long when I first started out - I almost gave up digiscrapping over it). Resized the entire layout when what I really wanted to do is just resize one item (or a picture)! LOL Not knowing about quality control (now I know about it, but have to learn how to DO it & make the necessary corrections).

One of my first "yay" moments came when someone told me how to lock the pixels of a layer so when I changed the color of an item or "clipped" paper to it it would look nice & not jaggy.

@Lizanne - please share you "yay moment" tip!! lol

I know I'm going to sound dumb, but how do you resize a whole layout in photoshop?

I've recently started using My Memories Suite 4 to create pages. After experimenting with several QPs, I decided that I wanted to try a page on my own. I had completed the page with just the right background paper, two additional background papers added as "embellishments" so I could resize, tilt, etc., added a gorgeous frame, a floral cluster, some ribbons & bows, a beveled title, added a photo box, selected some special effects for my singular focus photo and finally - ta-da!! I was so pleased with myself and the outcome of my 1-1/2 hours of work. Then I decided I really wanted to add that page to a 20-page photobook that I had just completed and planned to send off for printing. I added my "labor of love" to the photobook and attempted to delete one of the existing pages (which was kind of a "filler" anyway). So I switched page 21 (my newest page) to the page 20 position and switched old page 20 to the new page 21 location. Then I selected "delete" so I could get rid of page 21 - I was asked if I was sure I wanted to delete page 21 and I clicked "yes," of course. I don't know how, but somehow instead of the page that had just been moved to the page 21 slot didn't get deleted - yep, my "masterpiece" was deleted instead!! I nearly cried, my head started pounding, and I couldn't believe it. To make matters worse, that page hadn't been "saved" so I totally LOST it - searched my Mac but I couldn't find the file anywhere. Hard lesson to learn. Today I made a Thanksgiving Dinner Menu on My Memories Suite 4 and I had just finished the second to last line when the program shut down unexpectedly. Again, I lost my entire work product!! I should have known better, right?? I'll start saving my pages after every few changes I make to a page from now on. So that's my "dumbest" things I've done (not with Photoshop because I don't know how to use that software) but I thought I'd share my "dumb" experiences with MMS4.

In the beginning of this year, I was making a meme-like collage on photoshop for fun, taking something from someone´s hands, and putting other thing istead. To make it I put the "new" object on the hand, (making it layer 2) then duplicated the person´s picture (making it layer 3) to extract only the hand, and put the hand on the right place, so it became in front of the object... And then, I became really happy, as it was the first time I could do it.

When my hubby arrived home, I showed him and he asked how I did it. I explained it, and he said "fantastic, congratulations for you. But next time, you can simply erase the object´s pixels you want to stay behind the hand..." DUH!

Please, don´t feel dumb not to know how to resize in photoshop. I also took a long time to learn it, and needed to ask in a forum... The thing is

For simply resizing: you go to image, in main menu, then use the option image size.

The first times I did it, however, it wrecked my shadowing on the LO´s and I couldn´t realise why. It was then that I asked on a forum, lol. Then I learned that the best way to avoid it happening was to flattern the image before resizing (please, always save a copy before doing that, it´s one of the most common little mistakes on PS). And, if you need to change resolution to 72 dpi (to have smallest files - almost all the galleries and most CT works need it) you must first downsize the resolution then the size.

Later, I realised why I couldn´t resize without mess with my shadowing: on the image size window the first option is "scale styles" - it resizes the styles you use in proportion of your rescailing, and was disabled. It used to work in flatterned images because them the style settings are "embedded" on the rest of it... DUH

I learned real quick about saving after every couple changes, I lost a couple things and had to start over, lucky for me I was so new at it there wasn't that much to do over.

@Catherine: Keep in mind I use PSP... smiley (not sure what program you use) But what I do is click on the layer I'm looking to color or clip something to & on that layer (in the bar) there's a padlock - I click on that to lock it (you can also click it again to unlock it). That locks the transparent now only the non-transparent pixels are affected. smiley Pretty simple, but I had no idea!

that sounds similar to what photoshop does with clipping masks. smiley Right now I'm frustrated with jaggies... grr... lol

Thank you Lorien. I've lost a few files by not saving so I always save often and have one file saved in layers and then one saved flattened until I'm sure I don't want to go and change anything. Sometimes I look at a page later and realise I've left a word out in journalling or the spelling is wrong ( even though I did check spelling) and I need to correct it before printing.

Sometimes you´ll realise that you need to do something different on a layout some months later too.. Yesterday I started do move things around on this layout I made on February or March (not sure):

I have no idea on why I wrote a title so small and out of center... Then I went to redo the title and realized that I oversized to much the frame... then the Chevron paper started bothering me where it was... Seems the only thing that will stay the same is the background...

So, if you want a piece of adivice, never delete the layered file...

@Cat: Everybody is always frustrated with jaggies. Well, at least I am...

This is one I have made many, many times and will always make no matter how hard I try not to .... I always rotate the wrong direction if I am rotating 90 degrees either left or right .... I have absolutely no sense of direction, it's like a learning disability ... if I want to know where N,S,E,W is I have to think of the old East Coast song "The sun is setting in the west" .... so I have to actually 'remember' which way it will land after rotating and almost every time I get it wrong .... very annoying smiley

I used to scrapbook every day. All day, every day, my husband complained! Which wasn't really true, but whatever. smiley But then I got really sick when I was pregnant with my daughter. Hyperemesis gravidarum. Which is the medical term for "pregnant and can't stop throwing up and EVERYTHING makes you puke and it totally interferes with living". I couldn't even look at the computer screen. So, for about 8 months, I couldn't do anything. Then my daughter was born (yay!).... but baby time seriously cut into computer time. LOL So I just decided to take some time (ahem... a few years...) and get back on track, but I also suffered other health problems. Now she's in preschool and I have good days, so recently has been like learning to scrapbook all over again.
Still with me? smiley I just made a layout and for the LIFE OF ME I could NOT remember how to do a drop shadow. I finally just used the presets in the program, but I'm irked, because it's just a leetle off, and I can't remember how to fix it, and The Google is not helping. LOL


I had to look at a tutorial a friend made about how to drop shadow lots of times till I get used to it. If you are in photoshop you must right click the layer name and go to second option "blending options" - then you check "drop shadow" box to enable the shadow and click "drop shadow" name to adjust the shadows. It may seem simple, but it´s very well hidden.

Lorien, thank you for the tip! I use Photoshop Elements, but I don't see the option you mentioned. I *know* I used to do it in a way similar to what you describe, but I can't find it. The preset won't allow me to change it, or I'm missing something.

EDIT: OMG, I found it!!! hahahaha Now I can finish this LO and several others. smiley
In PSE, click the item, then go to Layer > Layer Style > Style Settings. Then you can adjust the angle, height, and size of the drop shadow, or bevel, or whatever style it is. smiley

Yay! Glad you´re back to action Julie smiley

Julie: do you use the effects side bar on the right hand side ... it gives you several options for drop shadows and then you can go back and click on the effect to open up the dialog box and readjust that effect as well ... it gives you more options than just going to Layer Styles

I haven't attempted to try doing this yet, but it is nice to know that if i make a mistake or do a dumb thing, i won't be the first. thanks

Wenjoy Flem: To resize a layout in Photoshop, Go to the Image menu and select Image Size... In the window that pops up, it should be obvious what to do, but if not, just ask or feel free to send me a PM for more help.