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I just shared my new blog in the Site Updates Forum, and I thought it would be fun to check out other blogs too! I know most of you probably have linked them to your profile, but if I want to check them all out, it would be easier to have a list!

I have been interested in blogging for a while, but it can be hard to motivate yourself if you don't have much of an audience. So share what you're up to here. I follow lots of blogs in Google reader, and I would love to follow yours too!

I just set mine up so that I can participate in the blog train, lots of good digi-freebies there! Little Bits and Pieces

I also write at Antique Mommy about my adventures as a late-in-life mother.

My blog is: here smiley

The more I get into digi scrapping the more I think I need to start a blog. I also want to start some designing so will have to see where this leads...

Thanks for sharing ladies!

Here is my blog!

Oh and I love the Pixelscrapper blog, what a great idea!

there's not much about digital scrapbooking in my blog but in case you want to take a peek, here it is peggy aplSEEDS

Even if it's not about Scrapbooking, I still like to see what everyone's up to!

marisa i think its so sweet that you give a hoot LOL. i really feel like we are going to be a really great supportive community. here is my blog.....HERE

your right about the motivation thing...i know nobody reads mine so its hard to get my butt over there. thats one reason im looking forward to the blog train, maybe someone will appreciate what i have to say.

My blog is new so that I can participate with the blog train, but I do have a few initial postings. You can find me here, at Digi DesignWorks

Thanks everyone for sharing!

Here is my blog - BitsO'Scrap

Thanks Tina! I was already following yours.

I write a food blog about the produce that comes in my weekly Community Supported Agriculture box and what I do with it. I'm also part of the vegan, gluten-free blogging community. I've slowed down almost to a halt since grad school started, but you can still find me at: In My Box.

I have a Blog on cards at the moment but am guna do one for my digi scrappin soon Here It Is

Here is my blog CraftingwithJack

I have a blog I mostly share scrapbooks stuff right now. I also have another more personal blog where I share some thoughts on life but am not good about posting there very regularly. Maybe it is because my life has been a wreck this past year and it is too hard to share that without getting into very personal stuff that involves other people's privacy. I do plan to do better in time. You can find it at

@Sharon: Why don´t you put your digiscrap stuff in the blog you already have? My blog has things about different kinds of crafts, depending on what I´m doing when I post.

Anyway, my blog is , but it´s almost fully written in Portuguese, so I think it´s not really useful for most of you....

@Lórien: We can use Google translate and for the most part it will translate your blog for us. I do this with many of the "french" blogs I follow. It might be an add-on... I can't remember for sure but hubby set it up for me and now when I go to a foreign blog it asks me if I want it to translate. I just click the always translate button and for the most part it does the work. The only problem is when people password protect their files, the translated password won't ever work. LOL So I have to change it back to get their password in their language.

Thanks for sharing ladies!

@Shawna: Portuguese translation isn´t still to accurate, because we have lots of declensions and an ackward word order :p I hope you can really understand it smiley

I have two blogs of my own. One is based on my comedy alter ego, Nadine.

The other is for my mixed media images. (Really it's mostly digital)

I am also a member of an Etsy team and we have a blog for our group. We have a weekly challenge for artists and it would be great to have people from Pixel Scrapper join in.

I'm trying hard to attract new followers. Please check them out!

I enjoyed looking at both of your blogs. Your written piece about your family and Christmas was very touching. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I visited your blog and enjoyed the downloads from the blog hop. You did a very nice job! Thank you for the wonderful pieces that you created.

Your cards are lovely!

I really appreciate the awesome freebies you offer. Thank you! I signed up to follow your blog too.

I couldn't figure out how to get Google translate to work but I enjoyed your photos. I love the cat!

I'm your second follower! Your layouts with the little boys are great. I assume they are your sons-very sweet.

Here is mine

I am now following all of you ladie's blogs! there are some beautiful works of art ...