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I'm here to update my blog address. This is the 3rd blog change this year, but this is the final resting place. smiley You can find my new blog here: Cat Scrap Fever Blog

maybe i posted, i don't know. but i have a food blog, it's nothing special.

my food blog

and i guess the title had offended someone, so i am sorry if it offends anyone its just about food only, if it does i will remove my whole post.

Welcome to my blog creationsby:samantha♥

You are welcome to visit my blog, Jiovanna's Creations ♥ where you'll find many freebies smiley

This is my blog: Magical Scraps Galore

Mine is HERE if anyone is interested. smiley

I have blog but its aimed at making signature tags which a lot of scrap kits get used for
Anyways if anyone is interested in peeking you can find it here:

Munday's Mayhem
and the FB fanpage for it is here, this is where I announce ALL new tutorials with a link: Munday's Mayhem

And this is a tag I made this week using Pixel Scrapper supplies:

I have 2 blogs smiley

One , Tutorials, In which I try to teach to work on PSP: Here

And other , Scraps, In my work I share, because everything I do is free :here


Thanks for sharing everyone!

@Sharilynn: Love your blog reboot!

I have two blogs. One I have had for quite a few years and is basically a journal blog so friends and family can keep up with what is happening in my family's life. My other blog I just started this month, and it is dedicated to digital scrapbooking. I just recently became addicted to designing, and I am in two blog trains. One is going on right now and the other starts Oct. 20th. You can check out my two sites here:

I have quite an interesting story about a bread board on my Karen's Korner blog.

I am a terrible blogger. I rarely use it other than to post a freebie, but if you are interested, find me at Snips and Such.

Having no audience or feedback does make u dread writing a new post, but ever since I started participating in blog train, it has helped.
My blog is mostly about scrapping, but its also a place where I share my other hobbies and DIY projects, I'm trying my hand to teaching myself how to sew, so I write about that too, and its like my online dairy! my blog is here

If anyone makes it to the last page of this thread... lol, here's my blog:

Hi, I don't have a blog, but you can see what I do in my facebook page

I do this for a living but when I started it six years ago, I couldn't image I would come so far. Since it's in "greeklish" I'm going to give you an explanation for "Prosklisi Sto Oneiro" which means: "Invitation to a dream". I hope you like what you see smiley

My blog is a knitting blog, but there might be some knitters out there.

Knitting Blooms

How fun! I can't wait to start browsing everyone's blogs. smiley

I just split my site into 2 blogs - Honey and Cheese is the "me" blog (digiscrapping, writing, etc.) and McMama Says is my "mommy blog"

My blog has lots of freebies ... I have scrapbook mini kits, vintage patterns which can be used in new ways, a couple of my own quilting patterns and of course my paper dolls. I have always loved paper dolls from the time my mother sketched some on brown paper wrapping when I was still very young.

I make scripts in Full Size but most of my scraps are in tagger form I really like both forms of scrap booking. My blog is Hope you stop by smiley

Susan: Yes, you´ve already posted your blog before, lol. It´s two posts above your second post, on the top of Heidi´s blog. Can´t you see it?

I do now, it wasn't there when I looked ... I mean ... I just got new glasses a couple of months ago so it's not that lol .... anyway tried to go back and delete the second message and it would let me edit but no delete .... can you do that as a moderator?

It´s ok Susan! I deleted the second post for you. I just dind´t want to delete before you see, to make sure we weren´t facing a bug, what may happen :p

Thank you .... I now know what happened .... this forum goes backwards .... older first and the latest last so when I looked for it I was on the first page which had the oldest messages lol

My digital scrapbooking and design blog is MagsGraphics!

I also post a lot of freebies through the MagsGraphics Facebook page as well.
(I'm a FB junkie...!) smiley

smiley Mags

Hello Ladies. I run two blogs: Sunshine Inspired Designs (where I share my love for digital design and now I'm adding more Project Life designs) and Happy Critter Photography where I share my love for pet photography.

Hi everyone! Right now I only have one blog. I am still figuring out if I want a separate one for designing and one for personal. Here is the link Mommy on the Edge

If you participate in the blog trains, you've probably seen my blog. If not you can find it here.

I have many blogs and websites about a variety of subjects, but I want to share my newest project...

This applies to both seasoned and amateur craft and scrap artists, altho my purpose is actually to help and give others who are just starting out a place to sell and gather for support.

Being new at this particular craft myself, I notice trying to find a place that will allow you to show or sell your work is not easy, nor are the possibilities endless No

With that said, how will it work, you ask? Click to read more...

Morgan Lori Photography

This is the blog associated with my Etsy shop smiley