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My blog is here:

The kits I make are 'tagger-sized' kits & I do some tutorials for tags as well.
I do have a couple 'full-sized' freebie CU-Okay templates on there also.

My blog is written in German. I wanted to write about my household struggles, then I started filofaxing and creating calendar inserts. And there is my 100-day-challenge, so there will be a lot of photo-posts during this summer and all of them showing the same river. But if you're still interested:

Here is my blog. Earlier this year I set a goal to post at least 1 free full size page template each week. So far I have met my goal and a few weeks I had time to post more than 1 page template. I also have a couple of the very first kits I created, they are kinda embarrassing, but I'm going to leave them up because though I am now disappointed by the elements, I still love the papers. Anyway, here is my blog, I hope many of you like and use the templates.

I just updated mine for the first time in forever (man, I've been a slacker) and it's not scrap related...but ya'll are welcome to read. smiley

June Cleaver Would Be Shocked

Mine is about card-making using pixelscrapper.

I'm a terrible Blogger, but here's mine:
Personal blog about my not so interesting life - lol - and many freebies (though I haven't added new ones in quite a while!)

I have a brand spanking new blog. I really wish I could use my own graphics, but it is what is is for now. There's really nothing on it yet, but it's here if you want to peek at it.

Jeannie, do you find enough people who prefer the tagger sizes? Those sizes, graphically speaking, really appeal to me since I used to make pixel and webset graphics - so much easier to work with. For me, lol.

Dawn, I snagged some of your layout templates. smiley


@Lisa....I'm so glad that you like a few of them well enough to snag them!!! I hope to see your layouts with them smiley

This might not be allowed as it's more a website than blog, so feel free to delete it mods, and apologies in advance. If it is allowed, please look around my brand new site I'm constantly adding to and maybe pop over to my facebook page smiley

I'm off to check out your blogs ladies!!!


My blog is all tutorials and layouts. I find it hard to share personal stuff and have put that off.
I am trying (not very successfully) to re-vamp my blog. I need to figure out a way to split it up
into three's. One for my tuts, one for layouts and one for my crocheting, somehow all tied up
into one without overwhelming the one blog. But alas, I'm no good with html anymore so it hasn't
worked. Anyway here is my blog -

I just started my blog it's only been up for a month, but slowly I am getting regular posts happening. Sadly I have no followers smiley

You can check it out here

This is a new blog, and I'm working on getting my past digital scrapkits posted. I could use more followers smiley

Resharing my blog since I updated my URL and such a few months ago smiley

Simply Sharilynn

if you stop by, don't forget to check out my freebies section smiley

Sooo... I have the attention span of a fish when it comes to blogs, but this one looks like it might stick! It's super new, so the content you've probably seen a lot of... but there's a freebie and a tutorial there too, along with some "off the screen" stuff! Feedback is super welcome!

Great blogs! Have loved checking them out smiley here is mine:

not much about scrapbooking yet on my blog but the more I get into it the more chance there will be of it featuring heavily in my blog. here is link to my blog

Before heading off to check your blogs, here's mine (well, the scrapbooking one at least smiley) :
The earlier posts are in French but I've been blogging in French & English for the past couple of months. Mostly sharing layouts, a couple of freebies; I'm hoping to add more tutorials, tips & tricks in the future...

Here is my blog: Whisper In The Wind Designs

Here is my blog. Right now it is just some of my layouts, but soon I will be participating in Blog Trains.

I don't have a blog yet, I will keep you guys posted when I do start one, I get scared of feeling overwhelmed (which happens often smiley ) . Meanwhile, if you enjoy Genealogy you are welcomed to see my genealogy research website , it's in Portuguese but there is a Google Translate tool at the website footer smiley .

Hello there,

I have a blog, but not Digiscrap. This is a blog carterie mainly because I did for almost 10 years now. I share on this blog bosses, 3D files for Cameo machine for those who know.

You can go check it out for you to realize.



Hello, i have a blog in German, I write about scrapbooking, making soap and cosmetic and other stuff of my life smiley

here is mine .......

Oh Wow there is some very talented people here ..checked a couple pages out of links will have check out the rest very soon thanks everyone for posting your blog links

I have two but will my personal page along with my little designs that I make ( nothing compared to most of you all here who is very talented ) not much up yet just a place to post my personal interest and post things I make when I make it .. I have had PS for a long time but knocking the dust off it & now learning it while learning scrap and etc ..

My blog is I have had this blog for quite awhile and it has seen many subject. I renamed it NanScraps a few years ago, but did not change the URL. It is mostly postings of my digital layouts. I don't design. It is kind of an online diary, I guess. I do not post a lot....take it in spells.

still can't believe how versatile this community is- atractive to all sorts of creative souls, and not just an exlusive hang out for scrapbookers only smiley

right, so i'm over at - the place is new and fresh as a daisy & i plan to run it without any plan or program. yes!
it's just a little cyber home for my cyber scraps that i'd like to share with my cyber friends smiley

This is my brand new blog!
I am hoping to post more as I go along smiley

Mine is its largely cardmaking with the odd other bit of crafty goodness thrown in now and again!

Look forward to checking out all thesse blogs!

I blog about homeschooling, photography and scrapbooking at