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I begin with Pixel Scrapper and I don't know where it'better to start. So I follow Lorien Rezende's help and I stop here to share my recent blog.

Papiers, bricoles et fantaisies

I finally have a blog of my own to share yay! smiley

Geeky Shy Mama

New to blogging but here is mine Night Owl Wordart its a personal blog about my family, life, reading and my attempts at designing word art.

** this site is now closed **

Here's my blog: WingedHeartOhio It's so out of date as I haven't done much scrapping and haven't designed in over six years due to really bad health and being in a nursing home and then an assisted living facility. I just went to it today to start revising it, and I started a Vintage Easter kit to share next month. I haven't checked the freebie links yet, but there are still freebie kits on the blog. I'll be checking them tomorrow, gotta rest this evening as I've spent all afternoon on here! LOL smiley

It's mostly photography stuff, but mine's here.

Hi, my personal blog Foarhinne (= former days in the Frisian language) is over here. Foarhinne
It's about scrapbooking 'with a vintage touch'. I post e.g. spreads of my art journal, digital layouts, cards I made, mixed media canvases) I blog in english (probably with some grammar flaws) smiley.

On my Foarhinne blog you can find a link to another blog of mine, about regional cultural history. It's in dutch, but google translate will help if you are interested.

It will take some time, but I'm looking forward to check out the blogs posted in this forum item!

This is my blog, though I haven't updated it in a while, but I plan to breathe new life into it again soon. smiley

It's called Dibbler Dabbler, because I dibble and dabble in a little bit of everything, lol. Feel free to check it out.

I have two blogs. One I created just to join in on the blog train so I don't post in there much.

My main blog is about my family and our homeschool adventures. Galleons Lap

Will be going checking out all your blogs , thanks for sharing,

here's mine

Hi, I don't think I have posted here yet, so here goes.

I have many blogs, but I will only bore you with the ones that deal with
my art and projects and my freebies smiley

My Free Kits and More Blog

My Products Blog

My Art Gallery Blog

My Free Backgrounds Blog

There are way too many more, which you can of course trace to from any of these lol,

I have followed many of you through this thread, and I will for sure check out more as time permits,
and would also love and appreciate any followers to my blogs as possible.


poki's projects ... I regularly post Designer and personal freebies on my blog and on a product and service Facebook page

I'm new here and working my way through the is a link to my blog, but I'm the first to admit that I struggle at blogging. Writing does not come easy for me. blog

My blog is a great big hodgepodge involving life, art, and hopefully soon some awesome freebies and other neat things smiley

Click here for Goddess Within!

HI I am new here and here is a link to my blog Inside Pixels Blog

Giving a quick update because I renamed and rebranded so any of the old links I've posted no longer work.

But you can find my new address on the internet at Don't forget to check out the freebies section smiley

Hello, I joined here in April 2015 and my blog is named Patti Whack Scraps because when I was very young there was a song for children saying Knick Knack Patti Whack give your dog a bone and since my name is Patricia I gave myself the name Patti Whack Scraps for my scrapping blog. I am trying to become a full time blogger but it can be very involved and time consuming so I am working up to it. Come visit me at Patti Whack Scraps

I have a couple freebies on my blog if anyone would like to snag

I started a blog recently - - as place I could store all my LOs as most sites insist on using the majority of their products when you post on their page which is really annoying, I didn't want scrapbook pages scattered all over the internet!! Then I stumbled on Pixelscrapper and have been inspired to try designing a few things so, hopefully, I'll post a few freebies on there. It wasn't my intention for my blog to be scrapbooking only........I would like it to be more of a diary of all things I take part in in my life. But, there's not much happening in my life at the moment so let's see where it goes!

Would love for you all to check out my blog:

Not a scrapbooking blog, but mine is here:
Just posts about my art and other things I find of interest.

Just found this thread so I thought I'd post. I started a new blog for my digital designs and my planner stickers. It's Keturah Design. My Blog Train portions as well as a weekly freebie of stickers will be posted there.

My blog is a faith-inspired, crafty, scrapping, art journaling blog. I'll be posting blog trains stuff there too! So excited! On my way to visit some of you now. smiley

Pink Paper Peppermints

Just now noticed this thread. Better late than never. LOL!

My Digiscrap Freebies blog is HappyRainOrShine

My personal blog wherein I tend to do a lot of rambling, so it's divided into sections - mostly about crafty things, mommy-family things and Internet marketing - I know - quite a mix. LOL!

UPDATE: I have abandoned the "Happy Rain or Shine" blog and converted to a blog with Digiscrap Freebies (& more). I will post a new comment in this thread, since this comment is quite old.

I've recently started a blog as well which is entirely daunting. I suspect it will centre mainly on family history, a little on my store and it's where I'll put my blog train contributions too.

here's mine

I have a blog for all the things I share, just updated it with my first scrapbooking mini-kit!

Freebies can be found here:

My scrapping blog is just layouts.

I also have a family blog, but it's been almost three years since I updated it, and the same with my recipe blog. Maybe when the children are older I'll have the time and motivation to keep up with them again.

I have a blog that's kind of "under construction' right now... It's called You can click here to see it

Here is a link to my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

I use Google Blogspot and my link is HERE
Hope to see you there!