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My personal blog: Potpourri Adventures
And I may create a Signature Tag blog in the near future, or possibly incorporate it with my craft blog. (Not sharing it yet)
I started a website several years ago, but not much was done with it (I had just become a new mom).
So now that my kids are older, I have a bit more time to play and plan.

It's new and tiny and a bit bare, but it's here: Pixel In My Pocket.

Here's my blog

Hi! I co-write a scrapbooking blog with a like-minded friend and colleague. You can find it here:

Here's my blog. I started it when I first started digitally scrapping, thinking that perhaps I might want to design someday. I've since decided designing isn't for me, so I use it to share my layouts:

My blog is a bit of a mix of craft and parenting, though lately has been mainly traditional scrapbooking.
Here is a link to my blog

Nothing to do with scrapbooking, but here's my blogs....

Rusty Shed Prims

Rusty Shed Crafts

Update....I just started a new scrapping blog. smiley

Sunshine, Scraps, n Giggles

I have two blogs which mainly have freebies. One is A Beautiful Mess personal use and the other one is A Beautiful Mess commercial use. I hope you visit!

Thanks Sharon, love them both and your creations are wonderful! I had the one already bookmarked and didn't know it, LOL!

Oh that is great, Libby~ I am so happy that you like my blogs. That's funny that you had already bookmarked. LOL

Mine is in addition to the blog, I have several galleries and tutorials for Photoshop Elements. Thanks for looking. smiley

Hello everyone, I have had a 'succesful' blog years ago, but stopped designing for a number of years after becoming a mum etc. Then I picked up another (old) hobby, designing jewelry and recently I found that I could do some scrap designing as well, along with the jewelry designing, and I picked that up again as well. So, also a new blog. Nothing really going on there yet, I've shared some freebies of my latest kit (I mainly share freebies, not into selling anymore) but I will look around with the blogs I've found on here, so it'd be nice if you came checking out mine.


I have a website and blog for many different projects.

my personal website and blog

my digital projects

vintage shops website and blogs

my art on fashion projects.

Please check it out


Hope you find some usefullness from my sites smiley

Trying to get back into my scrapbooking and designing, starting with a new blog. I have gone through the list of blogs here and added any currently active bloggers to my blogroll. I would be grateful if you could stop by and check out my blog smiley

I was one of a 6-member beginning designer team in the April 2017 Pass The Kit challenge, here on Pixel Scrapper. After a very intense two weeks, our team decided that we wanted to keep designing together. A lot of discussion followed, and we eventually decided to start up our own blog train, the Scrap Twist Blog Train. Of course, to have a blog train, you really need to have a blog - which I didn't have! So, I started one, and you can find it here:

Dancing Tiger Designs

I will eventually be updating everything that is already on My Freebie Thread and also posting on the blog, but I'm in the middle of giving away a huge bundle on the blog (3 or 4 kits per day, to a total of 95 kits), so won't be updating much until after that's finished. All kits on the blog are available indefinitely, so even if someone started now, they wouldn't miss out on anything that has been posted previously.

My blog is Living Creatively with Fibro which is pretty much what it says out how I am trying to live a creative life even though I have Fibromyalgia.

Hi Marjan, I've just visited your blog and thank you so much for the Deer Winter kit it is beautiful. Just out of interest is it just for personal use or commercial. Not a problem either way but I don't like to file things in the wrong place and get myself in trouble smiley

I don't know if it helps you or not but she labeled it PU in the blog post labels.

I can't remember if I ever shared in this thread, but my blog is here:

It's about art, running a creative business, and being a survivor of various sorts of abuse. Not all light reading and not all PG, so have a care.

I posted quite some time ago about my blog, but since then I've abandoned it because I am now using my name on everything. is now my official blog for Digiscrap Freebies (I also mention new products, discounts, etc.) I have weekly freebies every Friday, and you can join my mailing list if you want to be reminded each Friday that there is a new freebie to download.

I have a blog at where I frequently share freebies and host my past PSBT contributions.

Here is my blog which has all my blog train freebies. You can find a link to my facebook group at the top of the blog page, which has some freebies not on the blog

Nellie Bell

Well it turns out that I haven't posted since January but I accidentally went back to work so maybe I'll have more chance once the school year ends. There is a decade's worth already though - [url= ]Do Try This at Home[/url]

Well that doesn't seem to be working somehow

Do Try This at Home

Ha! Got it!

[url= ] [/url]

I love the Dancing Tiger Designs site, love the designs!

I provide daily creativity prompts at The Writing Reader.

I love that blog name ?