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Lovely shop items ?

I just love the bright paisley papers! ?

Thanks Gillian!

my blog is here :
opened it recently so lots of new post soon smiley

I guess this is the place to post a completely brand new blog! I am a newbie to digital scrapbooking, and this particular blog is brand new for me, but I hope people visit it and give me some feedback on my start. My blog is Simply Scrappable.

Thanks for sharing ladies!

My blog is mostly pictures and layouts...every now and then I write, but more then than now. Giggle.

The Writing Reader - awesome blog!! Adding it my reader. smiley

I think this thread is going to be time sink hole! I'm going to come back and work my way through the list. smiley
Here's mine: My Perspective

@Alane: you have no idea how very TRUE... your comment actually is. ROFLOL wait until you get lost in the loop of more pages eachof them leads you to. smiley

I think this thread is going to be time sink hole!

I am building a new blog at the moment so there is not much to see yet, but still, here it is smiley

Your blog is looking good Dagi! I tried to leave a comment, but it wanted me to sign in.

oh, really? sorry about that. I will have to look into this.. thank you for letting me know smiley

hmm, I just checked and you shouldn't have to register and log in, but you must fill in your name and email..

I've had blogs since I began digiscrapping in 2008... but I've deleted quite some of them as well when I got tired of keeping up with it all or just wanted to upgrade or change the look. Last year I started again, but then had some computer issues and didn't get to scrap and design a whole lot anymore, so it's been quiet since then. Today I uploaded my first post in months, still trying to adjust the look etc.
The name Sparkles (before Sparkle Scraps) is one I've been using since ages too, also for my jewelry 'brand' and my own handdrawn and -painted postcards and more stuff like that. So I wanted to keep it. I hope to be sharing some of my other work beside digiscrapping / freebies as well, I personally love blogs that are versatile and fun to watch.

Have a peek, Sparkles ,it's not much yet, but hopefully it will be soon. smiley

I started my blog back in 2011, when I started designing.

I have kinda been mia off n on for a few years but, I'm trying to get back into writing and posting.


I'm hoping to get back into blogging when the new year comes, but I still wanted to leave my blog address here.

Blog about sharing, freebies, cardmaking, vintage, recipes and more.

Check it out and leave some love here TRAIN STATION

Find links to other trains and linkys on the side bars

I had another scrap blog before my health issues but I deleted it and starting fresh again. This new one is LB Designs.

I've also had a crafting blog for some years, it's Rusty Shed Prims.

Love seeing all the other blogs and sites, thanks for sharing! This place (Pixel Scrapper) is busting at the seams with creativity and very talented people! smiley smiley