So what should you be doing?

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So what should you be doing?


That thought crossed my mind a few times the last two weeks while attempting to write 3-4 papers within 2-3 weeks of each other.All I really wanted to do was sip coffee and hang out here or digiscrap. (Darn PS5, and new laptop) Especially the laptop it's supposed to help me be more productive not be counterproductive. I'm almost donw with the summer term and for the life of me I'm still trying to figure out what possessed me to take summer classes this summer when by the winter ended I just wanted to veg out, LOL! Anyways by this time next week I can take my summer back and not feel so guilty about getting digiscrap in, LOL

I'm curious what causes your conscience to nag at you and say shouldn't you be doing....? or what should you be doing...? And then all the while picturing mom shaking her finger at you, LOL! Does the need to be creative ever distract you from your daily grind?

House chores and daily errands (sometimes dinner, poor hubby... Glad he likes to cook!)... are the things I'm always postponing as long as I can, but then I get myself in trouble doing that sometimes. LoL

Same here, Shawna, I should be doing some housework, but I think I would go crazy if I couldn't create scraps, so the housework gets put on the back burner…OH NO…speaking of the back burner….later!!

LOL! for me school trumped household chores. Ah crap that means in a few days I'm gonna have to help with the chores, again.

@Dawn: ROFLOL about you remembering "the Back burner"... I've ruined a many a meals that way. smiley

@Aja: I totally hear ya. When I was taking a few classes last year, I got away with not doing TONS around the house... Now hubby wonders what's up when I'm at home all day and didn't get everything done. b'wahahahaha then he see's my pinterest page... smiley

ugh. my conscience is always nagging at me to work out more when I'm scrapping. Or, if I find time late night, I know I really should be sleeping. There really aren't enough hours in the day...

I tend to get distracted from things I should be doing, etc...housework LOL
I have my youngest grandson and his mommy (my daughter) living here.
Lately with her job hunting, I've been watching him a lot and soon as she
gets working I'll be full-time babysitting so I'm going to have to be careful
with the psp playing lol. Nap times smiley

That sounds like it'll b quite a fun adventure filled with plenty of reasons to scrap. smiley

LOL I'm sitting here reading through the forum, commenting on layouts
and listening to Drustan (grandson). His mommy has him in his bouncy
chair and he is trying so hard to say dada .... way to adorable so needless
to say, it is quite hard to concentrate as I'm busy laughing at him

Of course it does...I think all creative types find themselves being pulled to something that involves our creativity...even though we have other things we "should" be doing. I know for me I can get lost in psp for hours.

I have spent so many hours on photoshop, oh my gosh! LOL