Spanish and Spanglish Phrases

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Spanish and Spanglish Phrases

I'm working on a bundle for Mexico, and I'm planning to include lots of wordy things. I think I've got a good list of Spanish phrases, but then I was thinking about some Spanglish. Are there any favorite or common phrases you'd like to see in a scrapbook kit?

Even though I studied Spanish in hs and college, I have to admit that I haven't spent a lot of time speaking the language. And I've never been out of the USA! :blush: Unless you count a 30-minute drive into Canada, which I don't. smiley But maybe you could get my brain going with some examples of what you have?
The only thing I remember from my professor in college was his lisp (he was Castillian, not South American) and his exaggerated way of calling for a waiter. LOL

Oh this is nice, I have a few, will be back! smiley

Most of my spanglish is food related: chips and guac/ chips and queso, salsa, quesoburguesa (cheeseburger)

My mom says "I'm a MexiCAN not a MexiCAN'T"

Fiesta like there is no Manana!

I can't imagine these will help you in any way, but I enjoyed thinking about it smiley

Thanks Tiffany!

Other than spanish do you have a theme in mind? family? places? food? I'm in southern California, lots of spanish spoken here and I took 4 years of it in school. Any other hints of what you are looking for I might have a few for you.